Rules Omaha

Rules Omaha

Card games have long been loved by all the people of the gambling world.At heart they have and preference, and the bridge, and poker.One of the varieties of Omaha poker game is Omaha Hi-Lo.The rules of this game, we consider in detail in this article.After reading it, you will have a good time in the company of friends and acquaintances.

Lowe Pot / High Pot

course of the game in a poker game similar to Omaha Hi and differs only in that in Omaha Hi-Lo, collected over the entire process of the game rate at the end is divided into two halves and the win goes to different players.The first part, Hi Pot receives, as well as in the classic poker, the player who has at the hands of the most powerful combination.The second half of the rates collected at the end of the game is called Pot Law.It will gain a 'weak' hands.This combination consists of five cards of different suits.Their strength should not exceed eight.This means that the combination of low vapor should be, triples, etc.Street and flash at a

set of such combinations are also irrelevant.

If Lowe Pot claimed some players get it to the one who has at the hands of the weakest highest card.If these cards will be identical, it will be seen from the second highest, and so on.The combination of A2345 is the best possible combination, allowing Lowe win the Pot.How to prescribe the rules of the game of poker Omaha Hi-Lo, no, the sweat does not have to share if the weak hands, which would be consistent with the requirements of Low Pot.All winnings goes to the player, who will be in the hands of the most powerful combination.

Anyone has the right to play at the same time and for the High and Low for the Pot.In Omaha Hi-Lo to use combinations of two hole cards and three cards from the table.For High and Low Pot cards can be different.This means that their compilation, you can use all four pocket cards, two - for Hai, two - for Lowe Pot.Sometimes a situation where for the High and Low Pot activated one and the same card.

It may happen that in the hands of two players vying for the prize High or Low Pot, will be exactly the same combination of cards.In this case, the pot is divided in half.Each of the winners receive?of the total winnings.It also happens that the High Pot goes to one player, and Lowe Pot divide the two.The game of poker consists of several rounds.Consider these rounds, continuing to study the rules of the game of Omaha Hi-Lo.

Preflop / Preflop

for poker games need a dealer who will deal cards.In the online version, of course, can not exist this dealer.His role in the Omaha poker is played, the so-called button, Dealer Button.This little thing is an important accessory of Omaha poker.

players do the following Before the cards are dealt.The two players who are sitting on the left of the dealer posts a blind bet.These are preliminary rates.They are called blinds.The player who sits to the left of the dealer next to him, making a small bet.It is the small blind and small blind.The next player also relies blindly.It should be two times higher.This is a big blind or big blind.

The blinds are designed to increase trading at the beginning of the game.They are necessary to ensure that the money had been invested in the pot before the start of trading.Then bet will be beneficial not only to those players who have hands on high hole cards.After that, each game, the dealer deals four pocket cards.Delivery is carried out shirts, face down.Thus, the first round of betting begins.His chances of winning can be estimated by looking at the map.On this basis, it is necessary to make a decision and make a bet.First it makes the player who sits to the left of the big blind.So read the rules.Poker Omaha Hi-Lo suggests, in this case, the choice of one of three options:

  • fold, Fold;
  • support the big blind bet, that is, to make it equal;
  • raise in accordance with the rules of the poker table.

In the next player the same opportunity, he has the right to raise rates even higher.If the game has a limit, and it determines how much can be raised per round rate.

Flop / Flop

After the first auction, the dealer has to put on the middle of the table three cards.This flop or flop cards.Thus begins the second round of bidding.The following actions of players:

  • can leave things as they are, Check.Just do not bet.Everyone has the right to do so.But this is true only in one case, if earlier no one raised.
  • can bet in accordance with the rules of trade of this particular table, Bet.

If the bet is made, then you need to choose from these options:

  • Call.Support rates;
  • Raise.Raising rates;
  • Fold.Fold.

Turn / Turn and River / River

After bargaining, the table is laid out the fourth card, Turn.Again begins trading, identical to the one that was on the flop.Once finished the previous auction, on the table spread fifth card - River, and everything is repeated.

Showdown and Showdown

That's the moment of truth came in the Omaha poker games.Regulations require that the first to open his cards is the player who raised his bet last.If there are no players, then opened the first is the player who bet last supported.If a player sees the enemy's strong hand, he can not show his cards, Muck.Whoever has the stronger hand wins the High Pot.Lowe Pot goes to the weakest hand.If in this round of weak hands not, Lowe Pot pick the one who won the High Pot.In case of dispute, this part of the pot is divided equally.

There are times when all players discard cards.In this case, the sweat automatically goes to the person who raises the stakes last.It does not depend on what had been the card by force.Every game loaf should move one position to the left.It turns out that the dealer changes every game.And what is more important in this case because this is changing, and those who do the blinds.This is the essence of the game strategy in Omaha Hi-Lo.

happens that in the course of the game, the player has run out of money.He can not support full-time.Raise it so it is no longer able.In this situation, the player of the game does not come out, I was only an approach to money.From the subsequent bets separate bets that were made by all participants.Thereafter, the pot is divided into the main, main pot and on the side, side pot.The number of side pots are not limited.The main pot will include rates that have been made by all the participants.The side pot will be counted only those bets that are made after the budget will run out of any of the players.A player with no money bets can not support.Bids are other players in the side pot.At the end of the game, won by each pot separately.In the drawing side of sweat are involved only those players who have invested in this pot.

Consider an example.Participate in a hand four players.The rate - $ 10.One player has only 7. In this case, the main pot will count $ 28 (4h7), $ 9 in the side (3x3).Side pot will play three players.Chief same pot can get all any player of 4, because rates it invested all.Now you know all the details of the rules of the game of poker Omaha Hi-Lo.We hope that it will help you a great time for your favorite game and take it in a leading position.Good luck to you!