Rules Uno

Rules Uno

Uno - is a card game that was invented in America.With Uno Italian, translated as "one".The game does not require a high-level strategic skills, it is not difficult, it can play from two to ten people.Consider the concept of the game in more detail.

Card Game UNO - rules

The game uses 108 cards:

  • cards of four colors - blue, red, green and yellow, which are numbered from zero to nine (of 76 cards, two for each color oneup to nine, and a set of zeros).These cards are referred to as conventional game.
  • Eight cards called "Take Two", eight called "move back" and eight "omits" two by two on each color.These cards are called the action cards.
  • Four Card "Colours" four cards "Take 4" on a black background, and the card.
  • Yet there are four cards of the "empty" white, which are used to replace lost cards or to introduce additional rules.

Uno - rules

  • Before the game, the dealer must decide.To do this, players draw on the cards from the deck, one card more than that and it becomes a dealer
  • Once the dealer, each player is dealt seven cards.At the end of the hand, the top card is turned face up, with her in the end and the game begins.If on top of the deck falls action card (except "Take Four"), the player who is the progress clockwise from the dealer, follow the steps on the map.If you roll a card, "Take Four", she lay down in the back deck and upstairs to go to a new map.
  • order of strokes distributed clockwise
  • Each player, on his turn is obliged to put one card on the playing deck, but only if the card is the same as the top card of the deck in color or number.If such a card is the player does not, he draws another card from the deck, which lay on the deck is not necessarily whether suitable or not.Maps on a black background, you can put on the deck, in spite of the difference.
  • If you had the map of the "move back", the next player makes a move, situated anticlockwise.
  • When the deck cards run out, remove the top card at the moment, and the rest is mixed and begins a new deck.
  • man, who left two cards, though he is now doing the course, I must say, "Uno!"until such time as the course will not make the next player clockwise.
  • The game ends when the player put on the deck last card.Then considered points of all the cards remaining in the hands of the other players.For simple maps are accruing points at face images, that is, for the card with the number 9, 9 points charged for the card has a colored background accrued 20 points on black background - 50 points.All plus points and recorded on the account of the player who placed his last card in the deck.
  • Uno Rules may vary and can finish the game in the presence of 500, 1,000 or more of points, depending on the agreement.
  • It is also possible, in which points are recorded each player separately.In the end, who was the first pick up 500, and the lost

Assignments action cards

  • Empty - use of the card takes place by appointment, for example, had the card "empty", take the 8 cards.
  • Take two - the next clockwise player draws from the deck two cards and passes the course
  • stroke back - the game does not start in a clockwise direction and against it.Actions Maps one move, that is, with the next turn players play clockwise
  • Order Color - player, stretched this card orders color to the next player who must carry out the course of this color map, or a map on a black background
  • Take four - playerstretched card orders color, the next player in a clockwise direction to take four cards from the deck and pass a move, a player who in a clockwise direction to be farther away than a player who missed the move should be like a map shows the first player of color or map on a black background.Go Card "take four" possible only in case if the player is not suitable for color maps to put it on the game deck.


How to play Uno, and without penalty?It is not interesting!Here is the list:

  • If any player, after the game to put the deck of his penultimate card, and up to that time, until it looked like the next player, did not say "! Uno" that he takes from the deck two cards.
  • If a player is prompted to another player, a card can be like, or how you need to look like that is suggested to him, in any order for yourself, then that player has to take from the game deck two cards.
  • If a player is put on the playing card deck, which is not appropriate, that is cheated, and it was observed that a player takes a deck of playing two cards.
  • If a player like card "take four", and the next player who must take four cards doubt the honesty of the player put the cards "take four", it may require that the latter would have showed him my card.If it maps to the color map, which is suitable to be like this card in the deck of playing, that is, he cheated, that would be the next player has four cards, it takes 4 cards from the deck.If a player who looked like a map "take four" no suitable card that would be like, the player who decided to test this player, in addition to his four picks two more cards.

game is quite interesting and addictive, I hope you understand how to play Uno, and now you will have the opportunity to while away a rainy evening in the company of friends for this wonderful game!