How to convert Word to PDF and vice versa ?

How to convert Word to PDF and vice versa ?

PDF files have now become a universal way of storing text information.After all, no matter how you may use the editor, PDF opens always, regardless of the installed programs.This information can be protected against copying, as well as to avoid improper formatting of text when you open a text file.PDF has become the standard for all types of official documents, summaries, memos and recommendations.

However, it so happens that you need to convert a Word document to PDF for ease of use.Often it required and the reverse procedure, because PDF files can not be edited.With the introduction of iBooks software for iPad users increasingly prefer to e-book PDF format, which increased the need for conversion.Consider the different methods of conversion below.

Methods of converting Word to PDF

There are many ways to convert one format to another.Everything depends on the programs that you have installed.

conversion using standard programs

If you have the 2007 Microsoft Office with Word, then the proble

m is solved very simply.Suffice it in the Word file, click "save as" and choose the PDF format.Also happening on the Mac, but with one difference - it is necessary to click "print" and then have to set the parameters of the conversion.

conversion using online services

Convert word document to PDF and can be on-line service that the Internet is full.It is not necessary to pay such services on the network open spaces full of free converters.One of these services is described in detail in the article as a pdf convert to doc |How to use PDF2Word.

If you use the official text software from Google, there is always a necessary service to convert.

Conversion using

programs often users want to have a simple tool on your computer, not to climb on the network in search of this.To do this, there are many programs installed on the computer that will perform the conversion process.For example, PDF995 tool that easily do the job.

And, perhaps, the most difficult way to conversion - is to print a document, scan, recognize and translate into the desired format.

How to convert PDF back into word

word Conversion to PDF - this is good, but then convert back, if you suddenly will be a necessity?However, and for this there are many ways.The simplest of these are described in How to transfer pdf word and vice versa.

conversion using Adobe Reader

If you have Adobe Reader, then he can do the conversion by clicking on the menu "Save as".However, this feature does not necessarily use, if the possibility is opened up text.Then the text is easier to copy directly into a Word file.But it does not always have the opportunity to do this, if the file is copy-protected.

conversion using online services

For those who do not want to install programs, open PDF, a copy would be desirable, it is also possible to convert PDF to word online with different services like this.The point here is the case the same as with Word conversion to PDF.Upload files to the service, and an online program to do everything herself.At the same time to convert PDF to Word can be free, if you find such a service, but they are many on the Internet.

Other methods of converting

can, if necessary, download a separate program like PDF995 to convert PDF to Word on your computer, so it was always at hand.

And, of course, you can print, scan and recognize text.This method is always suitable for those who have antediluvian computers or just loves complexity.

In general, to convert PDF file to Word and back, do not need any other program, except for Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office 2007.But it so happens that the users prefer to install other programs that run faster and have a special functionality.For those who work with Google Docs, no need to install something else.