How to calculate the rent ?

How to calculate the rent ?

For any person or topic calculate the accrual of rent rather urgent.To fully understand this question, you must understand what you are paying.In this article, let's talk about how to calculate the rent on their own and what it is made.As it turned out, payment receipts does not include all important points of housing and communal services.

calculation of rent in 2013

First of all, you should know that the size of the apartment and the services provided by housing and communal services - key indicators to calculate the rent.And knowing these things, you can calculate it yourself.Footage of any apartment - the main indicator for the payment of municipal services and all expenses.If you have an elevator in the stairwell lighting, it's all included in the calculation.Also here include the area near the entrance, above which are monitored, protected glass windows in the entrance, and in some cases, payment may enter front gardens.Naturally all indications of water, gas and electricity are included i

n the payment and multiplied by the number of people who live in this area of ​​the apartment or house.But if in your house there is a homeowners association, if there is some agreement between the tenants of the payment conditions.

Next, consider the question of how rent is calculated and what services can still enter into it.In can be included the rent service, which can not be taken into account by means of measuring counters.In this case, there are standard rates for services that need to be multiplied by the number of people living in this apartment.If there is a replacement windows, window frames and burnt light bulbs, as well as the repair of the heating system, the cost of all this is included in the receipt for the payment.In order to somehow change this communal payment system, created HOA - homeowners.Here all the participants have the right to determine the amount of the monthly mandatory payment for some services, which is set by the general meeting:

  • cleaning of house and house area.
  • If carried out major repair or a light house.
  • planned repair of the heating system, electricity and water.
  • Correction gas branch.
  • use the elevator and removal of unusable waste.

Check charging rent

Regional Development in 2012 introduced a new kind of receipts for payment of utility services and housing.The receipt has the most detailed information.Payments to new types of receipts light, water, hot or cold, heat is divided into two parts:

  • first part - it's own use of the services on the meter readings, located inside the apartment or at standard rates.
  • second part - it needs obschedomovye, readings are taken of the common parts.

In the old receipts amount was the total, and it was not clear how it was redistributed between the owners of the house.For example, how to calculate payment of lighting and heating the entrance.

Besides all this, the payment order in the new regulations will include all use of the services for each type.In order to check and understand how to charge a rent will not have to review the whole pile of documents.On top of managing the organization, must necessarily look testimonies shared counters that not every building manager does at the moment.The new receipt is possible in installments to pay monthly rent, which is very important and pleasing to the debtor.If the price at the end of the year or quarter, some services are recalculated, the manager will have to work hard to explain this action in "base allocations."

subsidy on rent in 2013

potential share of the fee paid shall be established separately for each subject.If the total family income does not even reach the subsistence minimum, the maximum allowable share of expenses is reduced by a correction factor.The coefficient is equal to the difference of the average income of each family member, and a living wage.

Now you know how to calculate the rent, what are the subsidies from the public performance depends on the calculation itself.This will help you to make your own calculations and to plan costs.In addition, such monitoring is useful for those planning to save money on this form of payment, not to pay extra money services.