How to install Adobe?

How to install Adobe?

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How to install Adobe?

Adobe Systems - a world famous company that produces software for graphic design, web and multimedia development and publishing.A huge number of people are using their well-known program for processing photos - Photoshop.But the company has many other useful applications and development.To learn how to install Adobe programs and what they are, you can read below.

line programs Adobe

Adobe provides a whole range of programs and services to work in the field of multimedia.All of these programs can be downloaded from the company website, whether free or for money.

Acrobat XI Pro

Acrobat XI Pro - program for converting files to PDF and other formats.It has great functionality to work in this format and the creation of official documents, as well as for protection against copying and modifying documents.

Buy Acrobat XI Pro can always be on the official website.There is also a trial version or a simple analog of Adobe Reader, which is distributed

free of charge.It allows you to work with PDF format.Install the free Adobe Reader can also be on the official website at this link.


Photoshop - famous program for working with photos, possessing great tools and features.Photoshop allows you to edit and process images as you like using a variety of different instruments.The program is distributed in the form of payment of a monthly subscription, but a trial with incomplete functionality.Buy and download it at this link.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 - is an easy tool for photo editing users, who do not particularly wish to understand the complex tools Photoshop.Also, the program will enable the tools to work with video and simply edit it.

program is distributed charge with the purchase of all.However, there is also a trial version.Buy, download and install the program here.


Another software-based tools for Photoshop, which allows to remove defects in the photos, the extra details and edit photos by adding new elements.Lightroom is distributed as part of a monthly subscription for photographers, which includes all the Photoshop tools.There is also a trial version.View subscription and price for using Lightroom program possible here.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

The company also has a program for Web developers.Through Adobe Dreamweaver CC, they can modify the code in the CSS in accordance with web standards.The visual editor allows to change the borders, shadows, frames, gradients for photos, to then put them on the site.

program is distributed as a part of a monthly subscription, and see the price at this link.

Adobe CC

Another program from Adobe, which is distributed on a monthly subscription as part of a package.Externally, the program resembles a very advanced standard Paint.Thanks to the huge capabilities of instruments, it allows you to create the whole picture.The program is perfect for web designers and artists.View subscriptions options and program prices here.

Creative Cloud

And finally, the main service is the Adobe, which lets in a couple of clicks, and after payment of purchase favorite month package to work with the main programs of the company.All the plans are divided into individual, business and education.Choose a favorite plan is not difficult here.

course, all of Adobe software can be installed for free by downloading a pirated version from the Internet, but then you do not get constant updates and technical tools of the program.In addition, subscription to all the necessary programs rather inexpensive.