З чого почати приватизацію квартири ?

How to start the privatization of the apartment ?

tell about that privatization is a lengthy, costly and nervous process, probably not worth it.Because it quickly and without problems in our country to do something just unreal.So where to start privatization of the apartment?From the outset, you need to obtain the approval, the agreement for the privatization of those who, in fact, is registered in the apartment, room or other living quarters.Also note that in our country in the process of privatization may participate only citizens of the Russian Federation, and it can be done only once.Privatize only municipal and state housing funds, the premises are on the right of operative management, or the economic management of the enterprise in a contract of sotsnayme.There are also a number of regulations concerning the reservation of housing and the privatization of rooms in the hostel and service housing.Privatize, you can not only housing but also other real estate:. Cottages, garages, land, etc.

Next you need to find out who in the family is the o

wner of the apartment or the share will each prescribed.Then you need to prepare the documents.

documents for privatization

  • Copies of the documents prescribed identification: a passport, birth certificate (if there are children under 14 years), Certificate of officer personnel reserve (subject to availability).
  • Copies of death certificates previously prescribed and having any relation to the living area.
  • Copies of custody or divorce.
  • copies, respectively documents on change of name, surname or middle name.
  • If prescribed at other places of residence were from 06.1991 to now, the necessary extracts from the books of all the houses.
  • necessary to present the certificate of non-participation in the privatization process for each participant.
  • original documents - warrant, passport on premises, the exchange order, contract, etc. sotsnayma
  • documents from BTI (originals only): registration certificate, a floor plan with a validity of at least 6 months at the beginning of the privatization..
  • Extract from the house register of property involved in the privatization process (for at least 20 days at the time of filing).
  • Copies of receipts of payment of utility services for the third month.
  • instruments of redevelopment (if available).
  • Documents from the guardianship required in the event that the privatization is made to the minor.

Some regions may require any additional documents, certificates.That it was not a surprise, it is better to consult in advance at the place of registration of property, and to ask this tricky question: how to begin the privatization of the apartment.In some regions, it is possible to make an order for the provision of documents in electronic form, as well as the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the terms of the privatization in the region on the website of the Department and the Bureau.

Several other documents necessary for the privatization

If the owner will be the only one family member, it is necessary to prepare the rest of the refusal of relatives, accordingly, notarized waiver.You can pre-prepare a statement (or statements from all participants) for privatization, the application form can be found on the Internet.This will shorten the time.In terms of the process of privatization from the beginning of the collection of all the documents to obtain a certificate, will be from 4 weeks to several months.So podgadat the right time and start to act.There is also the so-called urgent privatization, which can help for the appropriate remuneration, intermediary firms.Also to clarify contentious issues and complex situations, a qualified lawyer will help the way.Here is the answer to the question: where to start privatization of the apartment you will provide any expert.

Where to go

After collecting all of the above documents to be transmitted to the Department of housing policy and housing.Further developments will no longer depend on the participants of privatization, they will just have to wait.The law stipulates that the relevant documents should be prepared no more than 2 months.After that, each participant will be awarded the privatization of "Certificate of state registration of rights."And then with its share of housing, it will be possible to do anything.It is worth noting that in the privatization of minors can participate again.That is, if under 18 years old citizen of Russia has already participated in the privatization, after 18 years it can be done again.