How to configure windows 7 ?

How to configure windows 7 ?

Many PC users are thinking about how to customize windows 7. And this is not surprising, because the operating system, like all things, it is necessary to adjust to suit your needs for the most rapid and comfortable operation.For example, by turning off unnecessary services and useless applications can significantly speed up the OS.


Not every service needed for normal functioning of the PC.For example, some of them are waiting for an event that may not even happen on a specific PC.If the user has a laptop but do not have a printer, and its purchase is not planned in the near future, it is necessary to disable the service named Print Spooler.It is responsible for printing from a PC.In addition, it is recommended to turn off the following services:

  • BranchCache.It is responsible for caching network content.
  • DHCP-client.Updates the IP-addresses and their registration.
  • DNS-client - check the full computer name.

Grouping icons

In Windows 7, each icon tray (the notification area, which

is located on the bottom toolbar) can be conveniently grouped.Only a few can be seen with the naked eye.Most are hidden from the user.However, this situation is sometimes not very convenient to work for the PC.In addition, some users, such a system is not clear, so they will want to get rid of it.In this situation, you need to configure the windows 7 on the laptop.Firstly, you can edit the display mode for all tray icons.For this window you need to open the notification area and click "Customize."Second, to remove a group of icons is sufficient only click on the link "Show all icons on the taskbar."

Taskbar To the taskbar can be put more tabs open windows, system information, and quick launch icons of programs you need to bring the mouse cursor on the panel and press the right mouse button.In the menu that appears, uncheck the item "Lock the Taskbar" should be removed.In the future, you can change its size to your liking.

Change location

  1. necessary in the context menu to change the "Taskbar" default location select "Properties."The click "Location panel on the screen" pop-up window, and select the appropriate option:
    • Left;
    • bottom;
    • top;
    • right.
  2. Next, confirm your selection.It should be noted that the "Taskbar", located at the top of the screen is quite handy when working with monitors equipped with optional touchscreen.


Developers "presented" Windows 7 operating system multifunctional and pleasant Personalization Center, which collected almost everything you need for setting up a window interface, the appearance of the desktop, as well as a sound scheme under the taste of each user.In order to use the functions "Personalization" is necessary to go to the "Start" menu, there select "Control Panel" - "Personalization."

Main personalization window provides access to numerous "The topics" that are installed on a personal computer.With their help you will be able to properly configure windows 7. Depending on your theme, change the image on your desktop appearance, including a slide show of wallpaper that combine general subjects and so on. Special attention is given the fact that the opportunities presented by helping completelychange the design of the system by just a couple of clicks.The user is able to independently generate and store their own unique theme.For these purposes, it is recommended to use the settings that are hidden in the tabs at the bottom of the window "Personalization", "Window Color", "Desktop Background."