How to create a new account ?

How to create a new account ?

user (login) record can be represented as a set of information.It shows the degree of user access to the data, the ability to make changes in the settings of your computer, different user's personal settings.You can create your individual account with different permissions, each of which will use the personal files and settings for each computer user.It is accessed through a username and password.

account on

computer before you create an account on your computer, you should decide on her appearance.There are only three: normal or standard, administrator, and guest.Each offers the user different possibilities.It is commonly used for the daily work, the Administrator account has a higher access and is used as needed, and the guest account authorizes a temporary and limited access to the computer.In order to create a new account, you should do the following:

  1. Go to "Control Panel" and vyberaem "User Accounts".
  2. Then, in the window that appears, select "Create Account", then specify the account na
    me and choose its type.For example, if the goal - the creation of an administrator account, then mark the "Administrator".
  3. Then click "Create Account."Next to set up your account, you can perform a series of settings: change name, create a password, change the pattern, setting parental controls, changing the type and disposal.To perform the last two steps, you need to have administrator rights.

For more information on creating an account on the computer on a Windows platform, read the article How to create a user in Windows.

Account Microsoft

Log in Windows can also be using Microsoft account.This data set consists of the e-mail address and password.Use of this account has many advantages: access to personal data from any device (phone, laptop or tablet);a single account to log in to various Microsoft services (Skype, OneDrive, and others.);create copies of data in the free store, etc.

Before you create a new Microsoft account, think whether you used the services Xbox, Hotmail,, OneDrive, Messenger, Skype or Windows Phone.

If so, you already have an account - it's e-mail address used to access the service.Otherwise, you must register an account Microsoft.To do this, you should go to the registration page on the microsoft, enter the e-mail address and other information, as well as a password.

If you need to change the account information can be found in the article How to change the account.