How to remove the administrator password ?

How to remove the administrator password ?

Many of us often forget their passwords, but it does not matter when you can go under the name of the administrator and replace forgotten password.Another thing, when the administrator forgets cherished symbol combination.But even in this case, you can correct the situation.How to remove the administrator password in the different versions of the Windows operating system?This question can stump.But if you look, there's nothing complicated.We offer several ways to remove the administrator password, and you, in turn, familiarized with them will be able to make a choice as to which method is most suitable for you.

№1: safe mode

in safe mode to log in as the administrator password is not needed.Just restart the computer, click F8 and select Safe Mode.All you need to do next - is to go under the administrator has no password, and choose the account management, and then the user whose password you want to change.Set up a new password and click OK, all changes will take effect after a reboot.

№2: command line

How to remove Windows administrator password without logging out?By pressing the button "Start" menu and open the search bar, where you enter cmd - the command line will arise in front of you where you need to enter control userpasswords2, and press the enter key.When the front of your eyes appear the Account Management menu, you need only click on the desired user account, select the user and remove the check mark in the item "demand the name and password."Now you can type a new password or do not gain anything, in this case, you will enter the system without password verification.

№3: third-party programs

When the operating system means powerless, you can use the recovery disc, such as Windows miniPE edition.In order for it to run immediately after the restart, press Del on the keyboard or the Tab, and select CD as a boot device.When the program starts, select MiniPE, then Programs, System Tools option and, finally, Password Renew.Now you need only specify the bullets to the Windows folder, and come up with new passwords for users.Changes will take effect after a reboot.

№4: if you still remember your password

If you do not have to hide from anyone the contents of your home computer, there is no need to protect it with a password.How to remove the administrator password?Through the "Start" go to "User Accounts", then click "Edit Account", then click on the icon "Computer administrator" and all that remains -. To select "Change Password"At the top, enter the password, and the bottom does not enter anything and just click on "change password".Now the system will no longer have to request it.And if you need a password again, you will need to do all the same manipulations and enter the combination of characters in both fields, but at the same time make sure that the English keyboard layout and CapsLock turned off.

Now you have seen for yourself that remove the administrator password is not difficult.Good luck!