Why Vindovs not updated ?

Regularly update operating system is very important: it helps protect against security vulnerabilities and maintain its stable work.But it happens that Windows is not updated.The reasons for this can be set.In this article we will try to tell you about the most common, but for now we recommend to make sure you have turned on all install updates.For information on how to do this, read our article How to update to Windows.

Why not updating Windows

Upgrading Windows XP

to start on the simplest: if you have Windows XP, updates can no longer wait.Microsoft has stopped supporting this operating system in April 2014 and since then has not released any patches for it.Only updated base Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials application for Windows XP, but it will stop in July 2015.

Update pirated version

Another simple answer to the question "why not updated Vindovs": you have the pirated version of the operating system.Since you have not paid Microsoft a license fee, it takes the company's obligati

on to provide you with updates.However, this is for you in some ways not bad: there are cases when people still try to install updates on Windows and hacked at them, "flies the activation» - Microsoft servers recognize pirated system and block it.


Sometimes installing on Windows updates can block malware.To make sure that your computer is infected, check the reliable Antivirus.For example, you use the built-in Windows utility.To do this, press [Windows (with flag)] + [R], type in the box "Run" command "mrt.exe »without the quotes and Click o« OK ».And can be downloaded from the website Dr.Dr. Web free utilityWeb CureIt.

Problems with the Centre

updates While the first three reasons do not concern you, it's time to think about the problems.Perhaps the answer to the question "why not updated Vindovs 7" is in the Center Configure Automatic Updates.To fix the problem, download from Microsoft's website utility Fix it and run it.Nothing complicated do not have to - just accept the license terms, and then press the "Next" button and follow the wizard.The utility itself will try to correct any errors.Upon completion of its work to get the search "Start" menu Update and run another check for and install updates.