How to make a polyhedron ?

How to make a polyhedron ?

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How to make a polyhedron?

The need to make the polyhedron occurs rarely, but it happens that a child in the house ask this job or you decide to make an original gift to a friend.Or maybe you have a kind of design idea.One way or another, needed a polyhedron made of paper.How to glue it?

Make a polyhedron made of paper

In order to process the work was easier to describe, explain, how to make paper from a triangular pyramid or tetrahedron ABCD.It is a figure with four faces in the form of equilateral triangles.For work, we need:

  • thick paper,
  • pencil,
  • line,
  • compass or protractor,
  • scissors,
  • glue.

first draw on paper closer to the bottom edge of the page (but not on the edge!) The base of the tetrahedron - the equilateral triangle ABC.It is more convenient to draw it the top down, but it does not matter.

To really equilateral triangle has turned out, it is best to use a ruler and a compass.Draw a straight line on it intercept AB, equal to the side of th

e triangle.Points A and B are the two vertices of the triangle.Then the compass draw two arcs of the same exact size with centers at points A and B. At the point of intersection of the arcs will be the third vertex C

If you do not want to work with a compass, you can use a protractor.The angles in an equilateral triangle are equal to 60 degrees.From point A and draw the rays at an angle of 60 degrees to the segment.The point of intersection is the vertex S.

Base there.Now it is necessary to pririsovat three more of the same exact triangle - the side faces of the tetrahedron.The principle of the triangle remains the same, just as the foundation of new-faces already painted triangles ABC take part.We will turn more three triangles: AVD`, VSD`` and SAD```.

We will need to collect all three points D`, D``, D``` D at one point and glue the figure.For gluing pririsovat need extra paper strips about 0.5 cm wide to the sides A D`, B and C D`` D```.

You can now cut out the resulting shape, bend it gently on all lines, smear glue extra strips and glue.

scanning more complex shapes are doing exactly the same.But if you want to not think, on the Internet you can find ready-made.For example, here depicted scan several pieces.