How to make a box ?

How to make a box ?

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How to make a box?

The learning process can be made much more effective and interesting if you work not only intelligence, but also with his hands.To better understand what a box, you need to make it a cardboard model.Learn how to make a box, using simple materials that are available at your fingertips.For its production need:

  • A3 sheet of cardboard,
  • pencil,
  • line,
  • scissors,
  • PVA glue,
  • eraser.

Thus, we consider the easiest way how to make the cuboid.

Make markup sheet

To do this, take a sheet of cardboard or paper, then the vertical line, divide it in half.This line is needed in order to make it easier to control the correct construction of parts on the sheet.From the edge of the backsheet should retreat 4 cm. And move up to 6 cm. The left and right of the vertical axis.Now we need to connect these points by a vertical line.It must be held parallel to the base plate.Now, from each end of the segment should be delayed to 8 cm., And then draw the top face o

f the parallelogram.Now follows three more times to repeat the operation.So we should turn four parallelogram, which will be connected to each other.Then, from the very top edge, which is the last, should be postponed 1.5 cm. Up.In this way a valve.With it will be necessary to connect with each other adjacent sides.

If you do not know how to make a box of paper and are afraid to make a mistake in its manufacture, be sure to note that one of the main roles played by well-dimensioned.Therefore, pay the necessary attention.We must be particularly careful in the final stages of parting sizes.At the last stage of the drawing before they make a rectangular parallelepiped, it is necessary to finish the square side to the side faces of the parallelogram.Then, each of these parties will have to finish three more centimeter valve.Try to spend all the lines from the first time, so you do not get lost in the wrong strokes.

Putting a box

Now comes the fun part in the whole process of creating a geometric figure - its assembly.This requires the cut preform obtained parallelogram.Followed bend it on each of the lines.For added convenience, you can pre forcefully hold on them a handle on the inside, at the expense of the folds are obtained even.Then you need to lubricate the valves glue tuck them inside the figure and firmly glued in place.Now that you know how to make a box of cardboard or paper at home.As you can see, this is no big deal!

Illustrative examples

to the process of creating the model was understandable, should be examined under the scheme, how to make a box:


also possible to create a computer scan of the box for clarity.See how to make a box, can be in the video below.