Why water flows ?

Why water flows ?

Water surrounds us everywhere: at work, on vacation, outdoors, in the apartment.

Human life begins in water and the human body is 90% consists of a liquid.Therefore, water is a vital element.We are so accustomed to her presence, that do not even think of how and why the water flows.

water flow in nature

principle of the water cycle in nature known from the school.Water falls from the top to the ground as rain, snow, hail, and evaporates slowly returning to heaven, and accumulates in the clouds.Due to such cyclical movements of water on the planet remains unchanged.But why do rivers flow?What drives the flow of water in the seas and oceans?

flow rivers

water in the river is in constant motion, from stormy to undetectable to the naked eye.This phenomenon is explained by the basic laws of physics.

Each small stream and a huge river have a beginning and an end.The source of the river may be a lake, an underground spring or other body of water.Water, which flows into the river, called the mouth.

Between source and mouth can run thousands of kilometers.Since the source is always above the level of the mouth of the water according to the law of gravity and the Earth due to its fluidity flows down.

water flow in the seas and oceans

There are several reasons for the movement of water in the oceans.

  • space - rotation of the Earth, the lunar tides;
  • water density difference - a difference of temperature and salinity;
  • wind - cause the appearance of currents throughout the ocean depths.

Why is the water flowing from the tap

raise the water up in defiance of the law of gravity for their own purposes the ancient Romans tried using aqueducts.Now pumping water taps in our apartments is performed by means of pumps and is a laborious process.

intake is done through a pipe, laid in the pond depth.At the end of her set grid for filtering algae and large debris.From pipe water is pumped into special lagoons where cleaned from sand, clay and silt.After primary treatment the water flows for disinfection in swimming pools, in which it is produced filtration, chlorination and ozonation.

Prepared pumps the water is pumped to the water distribution station, and from there through the pipes - in the consumer taps.