Flood Causes ?

Flood Causes ?

Each of us at least know something about the flood, because this natural disaster is typical for any continent of the planet.Many have observed firsthand the flood.But if we know the causes of flooding?

main causes of flooding

Flood called a large-scale flooding of the territory, caused by raising the water level in lakes, seas and rivers.

sea, lake or river can leave its banks due to:

  • wind surge of water ashore,
  • melting glaciers,
  • active snowmelt,
  • heavy rainfall.

For Japan, characterized by flooding caused by the tsunami tidal wave formed.The scale of flooding depends on the terrain and wave power.Most other flood-exposed areas located in the gorges, on the slopes, in the coastal areas.

What are flooding

Depending on the causes of flooding can be divided on:

  • dam,
  • surges,
  • hanging ice dams,
  • mash.
  • Based on the scale:
  • catastrophic,
  • outstanding,
  • high and low.

Given the pace of development of the flood are developing gradually or abruptly.

mash flooding occurs mostly

in early spring or late winter, when accumulated in the narrowing of the riverbed ice forms in the congestion that contributes to flood water.Flooding occurs in nature hanging ice dams during the freeze-up in the initial period of winter.Causes impounded nature flood - emergency water releases from reservoirs or breaks their dams.Low flood plain rivers are inherent with a small difference in altitude.

particularly dangerous floods

High flood recorded in case of flooding of vast areas where much more complicated human activity.Such floods cause considerable moral and material damage.In most cases, it carried out the evacuation of the population, although many at your own risk prefer to stay in place.Covering the whole settlements and river basins flood outstanding capable of inflicting huge material damage.Depending on the characteristics of the region are suffering big cities, significantly disrupted the livelihoods of flooded areas.

Catastrophic floods are the cause of many troubles.The population suffered huge material and moral damage.The percentage of survival in this disaster is directly dependent on the speed of evacuation.Despite all the measures taken, the loss of life, as a rule, is inevitable.There is a complete demoralization subjected to flooding areas become uninhabitable.Interrupted transport connection, destroyed buildings, power lines, industrial facilities.