What was your first car?

What was your first car?

Discoveries that changed the course of history, always caused the most lively interest, and almost in awe of the greatness of the human mind.What is now commonplace for us is, once considered nothing more than a fantasy, and sometimes delirium of a mentally ill person.Awesome, as the inventor of genius was in defiance of public opinion, in consequence, to make life more comfortable, regardless of any obstacles.Today's city streets crowded cars of different brands and models.But this picture could not be everyday until the mid-18th century, as even the notion of such transport does not exist.Therefore, it will be interesting to learn about what was the first car.

automotive history

  • starting point of the history of the automobile can be considered as the creation of steam coaches with automatic action.Mechanic, who collected this miracle of technology, was Russian Ivan sliders.In his later drawings of the wagon it was built, which is neither in size nor weight not inferior to modern trucks.And it
    s mission was appropriate: the transportation of artillery.
  • wagon had three wheels, one of which, located in front, was leading and steering.Added weight as water and fuel, required for movement.
  • very first car was moving very slowly, because the driver had not so much to monitor the management of transport, as the boiler with a furnace, maintaining a sufficient level of it burning.
  • To cope with the steering wheel, the strength of two people was needed.

appearance of the petrol engine

next important step was the invention of the gasoline engine.It is impossible to attribute this achievement to a single person, as all development were based on tests of many researchers.We can only talk about some of the best personalities such as Carl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler.Soon it was also patented an internal combustion engine, which became a real breakthrough in the automotive industry.The first car in the world, designed by Benz, was designed to move on it two people, he had three high-spoked wheels.Subsequently, the designer has attached to this design just invented a water-cooled gasoline engine.Power Machines was 0.9 horsepower.

principle of operation of the first car

Principle of operation of the car was so:

  • cylinder was attached above the overall axis of the rear wheels, sets them in motion through a belt and two chain drives.
  • under the engine in a horizontal position was a flywheel connected to the crankshaft, the main function of which was to ensure the uniform rotation for starting the engine.
  • Galvanic battery is supplied with an electric ignition.The difference from the prototype machine - wooden carts - this car has a frame composed of welded together metal tubes.

So the first steam engine gave impetus to the further development of the automotive industry.In an effort to improve in order to achieve comfort, the inventors could not afford to leave without the development of such a remarkable idea of ​​fast moving person.It is important that the joint efforts, thanks to a brilliant individual ideas, modern car, which has become an indispensable object of our reality has been created.