What are the hours?

What are the hours?

Watch - is a device which allows to determine the daily current time and the measured time intervals in smaller units, such as hour, minute.In this article, we will try to tell in detail what are the clock and dismantle their classification.

first hours

  • One variety of the first hours were sunny with a vertical face.They had a cane with a small divisions and the hole in the handle.Special rod, which is inserted into the hole on the division staff cast a shadow.In ancient times, this clock used captains, shepherds and pilgrims.The disadvantage of this watch was that they could not work, because for them the sun was required at night.
  • India, China, Egypt and Greece their first hours of use of water-based.Unlike the sun, they showed the time, both day and night.Water clocks consisted of a glass container and the reservoir from which water is supplied.On the walls of the container special division was applied, showing the time.Due to the pressure of water in the tank is constantly filled, provides
    uniform droplets.
  • mechanical clock was first invented in 1335, in Milan.The design of them was very simple, designed only to show the time.Next in Italy, thanks to Dondi, appeared sophisticated mechanical watches, which show not only time, but also the motion of the five planets, the Sun and the Moon.Around this time, a clockwise boom began in the world, which is characterized by continuous improvement and complexity of movements.The most difficult are considered French clock with 75 dials and 18000detaley ..
  • Considering what a watch, it is worth mentioning, and the invention of Huygens in 1675, namely the pendulum that regulates the clock mechanism.Currently, this kind of clock continues to enjoy great popularity, second only to quartz watches.
  • 1950 marked the advent of the first electro-mechanical and electric clocks.The ongoing work on improving the mechanism will create the first quartz watch in 1967, and after a few years and digital clock.
  • In the 19th century the first wrist watches were designed to Eugene Beauharnais - Napoleon's stepson.Only a century later, this idea has been appreciated and has gained recognition.In the 20th century pilots recognized the convenience of wristwatches, then their popularity has spread around the world.Do not go out of fashion and they are still, and a varied assortment includes thousands of species.


Now let's look at what are the hours of work according to the principle:

  • Sand - working principle is to water overflow, through a narrow neck from the top to the bottom of the vessel.
  • Solar - the data clock is using a shadow falling from the sun on the dial.
  • Pendulum - stroke of the clock mechanism is provided by oscillation of a pendulum, where the spiral acts as a source of energy
  • Quartz - basic elements, providing the work of this watch are: electronic control unit, a battery and a step by step motor.
  • electronic - are powered by a generator.Their basis is the chip, which is powered by batteries or AC power.
  • Electric - working principle is entirely dependent on connection to electricity.
  • Quantum - also called atomic, they have a crystal oscillator that controls the frequency standard.Accuracy is ensured atoms, which act as a pendulum.


This section will look at what hours are in our modern times, the most popular watches.

  • Classic - is a watch with a strong design, a round or square case, the standard dial and leather strap.They have additional functions and are suitable for all cases.
  • Complex - this watch has a number of additional functions, such as calendar, minute repeater, chronograph, etc.
  • Sport - is a watch designed for operation under high loads.In their manufacture commonly used special pads and materials to protect from moisture.
  • Design - a clock having a variety of shapes and colors, usually with a quartz movement.Their purpose - to surprise.
  • Women - a clock decoration with various designs that are the subject of clothes.
  • Jewelry - this watch is a luxury and a variety of design work.They are made from expensive materials (platinum, gold), and finish produce gems.