When the telephone was invented ?

When the telephone was invented ?

cell phone today - and a means of communication, and a whole range of entertainment, and search engine, and much, much more.With each passing day it becomes better and more progressive.But what it was the first telephone, and when invented the first phone?

consider a brief history of the creation of the telephone.

When invented the telephone: historical information

question of how to transmit sound at a distance, and even if this is possible, interested in many minds in the middle of the XIX century.In 1860, the US immigrant from the Italian Antonio Meucci demonstrated a device that could transmit sound by wire.Drawings Antonio acquired by Western Union, promising to continue to cooperate with him.In 1876

Meucci learned of the invention of the telephone grand Scottish scientist Alexander Graham Bell.Since Bell is not well versed in electricity, he took as his companions mechanic Thomas Watson.The invention itself happened randomly.During the next experiment partner did not have time to remove

a small accident, I began to curse, and Bell heard his indignant speech, being some distance away from Watson.

Thus was invented the first telephone.After this event, the phone has undergone many metamorphoses into such a state that we are witnessing today.

When invented the cell phone?

In 1963, the Soviet engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich developed the first model of the mobile phone - when he weighed about three kilograms.A year Kupriyanovich perfected his model up to 500 grams.

At the same time, the experts of "Motorola" company think over the mobile communication device means.The first is the inventor of the cell phone, Martin Cooper, who was the head of the communications division in the company.April 3, 1973 Cooper, strolling through the streets of Manhattan, made the first call to Joel Engel - Head of Research Department of Bell Laboratories from rival companies - to show who gets ahead.

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