When there were tanks ?

When there were tanks ?

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When there were tanks?

raging war of 1914-1918, later called World War I, was a catalyst for discovery in the military.During this period there were prototypes of new weapons and masks, but nothing it did not go to any comparison with the advent invulnerable to bullets railway vehicles - tanks.

the First World War until 1916 could be called the most "trench" and positioning, as across the front line was created by a large number of fortifications.Therefore, many breakthroughs were not only ineffective, and suicidal, but meaningless.We had something urgent to take - so the course was put a new invention, terrifying the enemy - a tank.

first British tanks

first battle involving tanks unfolded September 15, 1916.It was then, after years of testing in the UK EO Swinton have been completed work on the creation of the first tank in the world.

According to historical information, the work on creation of the first tanks began in mid-1915 by the William Foster.P

roject engineer developed Triton and Lt. Wilson.

resulting model was called "Little Willie", which can be considered a forerunner of modern tanks.It was created on the basis of an armored tractor "Bullock".

test took place September 15, 1915, but, unfortunately, have been recognized unsuccessful.Because the tank is too low permeability and a small length of the "Little Willie" was sent for revision.It was decided that acceding to the track designed to maximize the flotation tank.It is also not paid attention and weapons, placing it in the sponsons, located on the sides.And after a few months of the new tank, called the "Big Willy" and later renamed "Mark 1" successfully tested, thereby opening a new milestone in the military.

first French, Russian, German and American tanks

According to experts, the idea of ​​creating tanks almost simultaneously came up with the British, French, Russian, and then, and German scientists.

world's first tank called "SUV" was created by a Russian citizen Porohovschikova.Russian army could not use it for other purposes, so until 1916 for him was not mentioned any more.

first light tank, which released the French - a Renault FT-17, developed by the automaker - Louis Renault.With the machine were more than 3500 copies.The tank turned out very well, so its copy called "Russian Renault" was created even in the Soviet Union.The tank was in use until the 1940s.

It is worth noting that the Germans were also able to surprise their A7V heavy and light LK-I.Heavy Tank was released just 20 copies and was used during the First World War.Almost every tank of this G-20 got its name, such as "Mephisto", "Wotan", "Isolde".Light tank at about the same time Joseph Vollmer developed, but he has long cultivated.

first American tank M1 «Abrams' went into production in February 1980.The country is a little late, since the very first models of tanks appeared in other countries.Yet M1 «Abrams" made a small contribution to the history.

Now you know, when the tanks and that the tanks are the first in the world.If you are interested in this topic, see also the article How heavy tank.