When the computer came ?

When the computer came ?

Today computer has become, perhaps, the same familiar attribute of our lives, as well as a table on which it stands.When the first computer?

computer word translates to English as "computer".Any device that helps a person to carry out computational operations, starting with the accounts and adding machines, can be considered the prototype of the computer.The first computer in the modern sense of the word was, of course, computers electronic components.

When the computer came?The first patent for the invention of the computer was issued by John Mauchly and John Presper Eckert for the development of the machine ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer - Electronic Numerical Integrator and computer).However, in 1973, the patent was revoked by the court and passed to John Atanasoff for inventing the computer ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer - the computer Atanasoff-Berry).

ABC - computer Atanasoff-Berry computer

his physicist and mathematician John Atanasoff conceived as an automatic machi

ne for the automation solutions of systems of algebraic equations.The idea of ​​building such a machine came to him in 1937.He decided to make a calculator and use electricity to create it in electronic advances.The Atanasoff computer were based on the idea of ​​using a binary digital code and logic circuitry.Translating ideas into technical performance helped him Clifford Edward Berry.Work on the computer lasted until 1942, until Atanasova not mobilized to the acoustic lab.

Among the features of the ABC computer, you can highlight the use of electronic tubes and memory capacitors to store the intermediate results of calculations.The drawback - the lack of programming.Computer designed only for operations for solving systems of equations.The machine was never completed, as intended, it has not been used and had not received fame.

With the development of Atanasoff knew John Mauchly, who was very interested in it.

computer Mark 1

In 1943, for ballistic calculations Howard Aiken computer Mark-1 was established with funding from IBM.Working Computer Basics - electro-mechanical relays.Dimensions -17 m. Long, 2.5 in height.The day the machine did many calculations as previously manually done in six months.Feature calculator - programmability.The computer was able to read the instructions sent him on a perforated tape.

computer ENIAC

already mentioned ENIAC Mauchly and Eckert founded in 1943-46 years.The computer worked on vacuum tubes.Such lamps in it was more than 17 000 pieces.The size of ENIAC in 2 times higher than the Mark 1, but its performance exceeded a thousand (5000 additions per second to 3 Mark-1).The machine worked from 1946 to 1955 years.On it, in particular, performed mathematical modeling of the explosion of a thermonuclear bomb.PC Cons: frequent burnout of lamps (car broke down once in 20 hours), manual programming by setting 6000 switches to the desired position.

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