Nanotechnology: what is it?

Nanotechnology: what is it?

Nanotechnology - is the working methods of substances at the level of individual atoms.These technologies specialize in the manipulation of individual atoms of the material.The objects of nanotechnology are objects with dimensions specified range, for example, nano-particles and nano-powders, ie,objects whose sizes are in the range up to 100 nm.Also, it may be nanotubes and nanofibers nanofilms.This is an incomplete description of what nanotechnology is, becauseIt is a complex science.

Nanotechnology Nanotechnology

divided into three areas: the creation of nano-machines - robots and measuring machines with a single molecule, the production of electronic circuits, with the elements of a size of a few atoms, and directly, the manipulation of atoms and molecules, as well as the assembly of objects from them.The most common scope of nanotechnology:

  • If the ability to affect the smallest particles - the main advantage of nanotechnology is that it can give the development of society?The main area of
    ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of such technology to date - this medicine.
  • nanoparticles, scientists were able to without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue is irradiated cancer.Many laboratories are working on the production of accurate and rapid methods of diagnosis using nano - laboratories, nano -. Chips, etc.
  • Scientists conducting tests with drugs in which the nanoparticles are delivered to the patient body without affecting healthy ones.Also there are works on methods to restore the destroyed and damaged tissues.
  • nanotechnology will also be used in ultra-modern medical imaging, where applicable molecular markers based on luminescent nanoparticles.Among other things, nanotechnology is introduced into the implantation technique without rejection of mass vaccinations, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, etc.

development of nanotechnologies

main task of the nanotechnology industry is now considered controlled mechanosynthesis -. This compilation of molecules from atoms by mechanical attraction prior to the actioncorresponding chemical bonds.For mechanical synthesis need a special computer - nanomanipulator, which is able to capture the individual molecules and atoms to manipulate within a radius of up to 100 nm.Thanks to the interaction and nanocomputer nanomanipulator be possible to organize the assembly of automated systems capable of gathering any macroscopic objects and objects, according to a predetermined pattern or to remove the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms.

With this system there an automatic construction of orbital systems and stations, for example, colonies on Mars and the Moon, the planets mastering special robots amoebas, as well as the launch of the process of underwater construction in the world's oceans and in the air.The ability to self-construction through nanotechnology will lead to the solution of global issues such as the problem of lack of food, energy and housing.Thanks to nanotechnology will change the process of designing mechanisms and machines - most of the parts is simplified due to the new assembly methods.That will allow to design mechanisms and machines, inaccessible to man.Such mechanisms are, in fact, would consist of one piece of high complexity.

Now you know that is nanotechnology, how they develop and what is used by mankind.Good luck!