What Edison invented ?

What Edison invented ?

American inventor Thomas Edison (1847-1931) during his career in 1903 issued a patent for the invention (an average of 1.5 patents per month).And that in the US alone.In other countries, he designed more 3000 patents.What Edison invented?

dwell on the most important inventions that have had the greatest impact on the daily lives of his contemporaries and the further development of technology.

Phonograph Phonograph - a device for recording and playback of sound - was demonstrated by Edison in 1877.The operating principle of Edison's device: the sound fed into the microphone and there using membrane converted to mechanical vibrations.Fluctuations were recorded needle on the foil.The record carrier - foil, waxed paper and later - wound on the cylinder, and the recording track was conducted in a spiral.Play sound in reverse order: the needle reads mechanical irregularities, transfer them to a membrane that and convert mechanical vibrations into sound.Later phonographs were driven gramophones.They w

orked on the same principle, but the sound is not recorded on the cylinder and on the disk of hard rubber.

peep peep

- a device to demonstrate the motion picture.Inside the machine is a film with a series of still photographic images and perforated edges.The film moved the special tape mechanism.As a result of the movement of the film people could observe the change and movement of images.Feature of the device was that it was necessary to look through the eyepiece into the box to see the "movie."Thus, the view was carried out individually.

invention Kinetoscope influenced the Lumiere brothers.When you create your film, they used the same tape and tape drive.The main difference - the films were shown to a mass audience on the big screen, it was more convenient and profitable.

Incandescent bulbs

invention Edison - a fact solidly entrenched in the mass consciousness.But in fact, the principle of not invented by Edison bulb.Work in this direction were carried out earlier Lodygin, Yablochkov, Swan, Maxim, Sawyer and other researchers.However, it was Edison has developed and launched the production version of the lamp, because of cheapness suitable for mass consumption.For example, Edison began to use a filament of carbonized bamboo fibers, I found a way to create a sustainable lamps flasks vacuum.His light bulbs are widespread.

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