What documents are required for registration ?

What documents are required for registration ?

Registration on place of residence is required in order to authorities, if required, could find any resident at the address, and also to ensure that no matter where the citizen, the state could provide himall the benefits and privileges that are put to him.

According to the laws of our country, everyone should have a registration for some residence, to put it simply - a residence permit.According to state registration requirements should be every citizen of the Russian Federation over 14 years.

If a person moves to a new location, it is not required to be discharged from the last place.It is enough to start the registration at the new place of residence and passport office of your new residence will make a request to their original location, and you then request will be discharged automatically from the point where you are no longer living.Of course, there are cases when you need to check out a previous place of residence (for example, the sale of apartments), in which case you need to carry all

the documents personally.So, what documents are needed for registration:

  1. new passports.
  2. if now you are not registered anywhere, then a certificate of discharge from the last place of residence.
  3. if you are liable for military service, there must be a registration certificate or military ID.
  4. if the new place of residence prescribes a married couple, it must present a marriage certificate.
  5. for minors need to provide a birth certificate.
  6. children over 14 years of age must present a passport.

Residence permit newborn children - it's a little more complicated case, because you are creating a new residence with a clean slate.What documents are required for registration of the child can be found below.

necessary to provide a parent's passport, birth certificate and copies of the above documents.In addition, there must be a marriage certificate.Parents must make an application for registration of their child, as well as an extract from the house register mom and dad, which is available at the passport office.You must also provide a certificate stating that the child is not registered anywhere else.And if the parents are divorced, one parent must write their consent with registration of the child at the given address.

temporary residence permit, what documents are needed

For temporary registration only a passport is needed.Temporary registration is recorded on a piece of paper - it's just information that is embedded in the passport.In addition, you must provide a passport and documents with registration of property owner, which provides you with a temporary residence permit.