What documents are needed for the job?

What documents are needed for the job?

efforts were unsuccessful employment, the employer is waiting for you - to be hiring.What documents should I carry?Their list is induced in Article 65 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.Thus, when applying for a job you need to provide:

  • passport or other proof of your identity;
  • work book, with the exception of cases where an employment contract is the first time ever you are doing work in combination;
  • certificate of state pension insurance;
  • document of the military account, if you are subject to military service or conscription for service;
  • paper on qualifications, education;availability of expertise, if your new job requires special training or expertise.

In some cases, employers require additional documentation when applying for a job.Their presentation is not mandatory.It:

  • certificate of registration;
  • certificate of salary on your previous work;
  • response to previous work;
  • medical certificate;
  • TIN (taxpayer identification number).

separate group documents constitute per

sonal employee data requested by the employer for the purpose of providing benefits.These documents include:

  • documents confirming the composition of the family worker for the purpose of providing it provided guarantees on the basis of marital status.In particular - from the need to comply with certain family obligations;
  • certificate aged children or for pregnant women in order to provide guarantees provided by the law, working conditions and compensation;
  • materials certifying the right to additional compensation and guarantees (scientific degree, academic rank, honor, disability, donation, stay in the area of ​​radiation exposure due to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and so on.).

Knowing what documents are needed for the job, you can safely go to a meeting with the employer.Just remember that the employer should send them in person.If your personal data are from a third party and to get them is possible only from it, you need to notify in advance, and on your behalf must be filed with the written consent.