What documents are needed for construction ?

What documents are needed for construction ?

In case you have already decided to build their own private home, you need first of all to solve the most important question in this case: what documents for the construction of necessary and what administrative authorities you will have as a result of theirYour face?

advise still in the process immediately to professionals who deal with these troubles.Despite the fact that such a decision, at first glance, can be expensive, though in the end you will see the good results of the work of professionals who all the problems during the registration will take only themselves.At the same time you will not spend a large amount of their time and knowledge, while addressing design, keeping your nerves and health.

However, if you do decide to get acquainted with the total paperwork process, then in the following paragraphs of the article you will find answers to their questions.Here is the general procedure of registration and regulatory documents in the construction of a private house.

list of documents for the construction of the house

first document that you need to get is, of course, permission to build the house.This document is issued by authorities urban planning and architecture.Tell us more about what documents are needed to build a house:

  • act for the right to use or ownership of land;
  • decision on the allocation of the appropriate land for your building;
  • house project;
  • plan of building the site itself;
  • drawings as facial facade at home and its buildings, which will be located on the site.

Next you will need to develop and agree on a design and estimate documentation of the future house.This step entails specialized knowledge not only in construction but also in the development of all project documentation.It is also recommended to contact the experts, who understand this part.Of course, it can be unless you are an expert in this.Once you have already made a list of all the services, which you will need to go, what would go through harmonizing the data, then this area of ​​work you can do yourself.

After that, the next step will be deemed to be received is already building passport.It implies a permission to carry out construction works of the future.This procedure requires that bodies of architecture and urban planning should clarify all sizes terrain, in this case must be realized split your land size.Only after completing all of these documents can be safely proceed to the construction of your home.

In the first part of this article we have understood, what documents are needed for construction, but some are also interested in the issue of documents for redevelopment in the apartment.During this procedure, you need to consider all deviations from the project of your apartment, at the same time you will need to go through the proper approval procedure.

To get documents for permission for construction or alterations to the apartment must be presented to the district state administration the following documents:

  • technical passport of your apartment to the redevelopment and a sketch of the desired changes;
  • consent of the owners of your home or the operating organization, namely JBK, Jeka and associations of co-owners;
  • consent of all residents of the apartment, which must be certified ZhEKom;
  • certified ZhEKom, agreement on acceptable conditions of construction work with its neighbors;
  • Form 3, decorated ZhEKom;
  • to the apartment title documents.

Once you collect a list of documents for the construction, you will get good from the district administration for the development of your project.To do this, you will need to find a design organization, which has a license, and ordered the preparation of your project redevelopment, which already need to be agreed in a number of organs.Note that these design organizations have to do right away 4 copies of the redevelopment project, so that it would be possible to harmonize them in the right instances.