What documents are needed for a mortgage ?

What documents are needed for a mortgage ?

you decide to improve their living conditions or to buy an apartment on credit.What you need to know to arrange a mortgage?First of all you must understand that the apartment, taken by you on the mortgage will be completely your only after full repayment of the loan.Until then, it usually is a guarantee for the lender.Therefore, it is necessary to apply in a certified bank for a long time working in this direction.

You can apply for a loan to Sberbank.Mortgage, what documents are needed to obtain it, and in what form, we will look at in this article.

positive decision of the bank depends primarily on two key points:

  1. from your credit, not only for the moment.You must prove that you have in the future will not have problems with the payment of the mortgage.
  2. lays accommodation shall meet all requirements of the bank.

What documents are needed for a mortgage

  1. The most important among the documents required is a passport.The bank must be sure of its validity.But since all the documentation in
    the banks carried out in electronic form, "live" your passport no one sees but a loan officer.The decision also takes not.Therefore, this document will need to be photocopied (all pages).
  2. labor book copy.Kserokopiruem all turns, each page must be certified by the employer: the bottom shall be specified position, signature, the person who made the recording name.All this is necessarily certified with the seal of firm or organization in which you work.Below is the last record of the recruitment field to be filled: the record number, the date and at what positions work at the moment.Mandatory position of the person who made the recording of his signature and full name.All fields are filled with blue ink.Thus, below the last entry must be certified by the signature two.
  3. The bank will require a mandatory reference 2-PIT employment.It should prove your creditworthiness.This document must be completed and signed by the printer exclusively accountant.It is very important.If we neglect the correct reference filling, you may decline in mortgage lending.
  4. will need a certificate from the place of work "in the form of the bank" (if you have income not confirmed by reference 2-PIT).If you are a man up to 27 years, it must show military ID or other documents that explain on what basis you are given the postponement from military service.
  5. For unmarried necessary certificate of registration of marriage.For those who are divorced - divorce certificate.If you borrowed, you may need the help of the creditor banks, confirming your positive credit history.
  6. If you have minor children under 18 years of age, must present a birth certificate for each.
  7. Driver's license or a certificate from the psycho-neurological and narcological dispensaries.These documents indicate that you are not registered and were not on treatment.Moreover, these references are available in the original.And as the most likely, these organizations do not issue such documents for submission to the bank, indicate that they are necessary for you to obtain a driver's license.What is important is the fact the client's sanity, not the purpose for which certificates are issued.

At its discretion, the bank may ask for other documents such as a certificate of registration of the property on other real estate.This will confirm your ability to pay, thus increasing your chances of success.

final step: fill out an application form for a mortgage loan and filed with the whole package of documents to the loan officer.

question may arise as to which documents are needed for a mortgage if several co-borrowers.That is, you decide to take out a mortgage, for example, in the company of relatives.In this case, you collect exactly the same documents, but for each of the borrowers.

Now you know what documents are needed for a mortgage and how to execute them.If you follow the instructions, then you will not have problems with obtaining the loan.