What documents are needed for the sale of an apartment ?

What documents are needed for the sale of an apartment ?

If you think about it, now you can sell almost anything.Unfortunately, it also happens that people are able to sell and what is not theirs.But we do not know.Of course, one thing to sell, for example, your old computer, phone or cabinet.Give ads show to sell.Another thing, if it is, for example, a car.Everything is complicated by the need to prepare all the necessary documents, contracts, etc.Traced the logic: the more valuable goods, the more nuanced and paperwork.And, perhaps, the most difficult is to sell the apartment.What documents are needed for this complex operation?What should I know?Where to go and what to prepare?The necessary documents for the sale of the apartment our article.

Sale apartment: the necessary documents

  1. citizen passport.That is your usual passport and copies of its pages with information (copies of blank pages is not necessary).
  2. right establishing documents.The name speaks for itself - it is the documents which are the basis of ownership and entitlement documents reco
    rding it right.Examples of documents-bases: the deed of gift, the privatization contract, the contract of sale, the court's decision, a certificate of membership in the inheritance.All the documents are registered, on the basis of which a certificate of state registration of property rights.
  3. passport of the property (ie the flat).Datasheet for registration shall be issued to a maximum of 5 years to the sales desk.If this period exceeds 5 years, you have to look at the BTI for ordering a new data sheet flat.
  4. purchase and sale agreement.Three of the original (! Not a copy) copies distributed upon registration between a seller apartments, its purchaser and the Registration Chamber.
  5. receipt confirming payment of state duty.
  6. If you are married, you need a marriage certificate.In the case of the deceased spouse, you need a certificate of his death.
  7. If the apartment is purchased in the marriage, the consent of the spouse to sell the apartment, because the property is considered to be jointly acquired.
  8. Resolution of the guardianship.If there is a minor child of the owner to sell the apartment is possible only if the child is attributed to some other property, such as a new buy an apartment.guardianship authority should be strict enough for this.For example, you are not allowed to sell the apartment, where there is a child, if there is deterioration in living conditions, ie in the case of sale of an apartment with all amenities, and buying an apartment with partial conveniences.Each case is considered individually.
  9. Help the absence of debt (in utility bills).Provided the tax inspectorate.
  10. for sale need documents informing all registered in the apartment tenants.

latter two documents were not necessary for the transaction of sale, and for buyers of apartments in order to avoid unnecessary claims.As a rule, buyers ask for these documents themselves.

What documents are needed for the sale of an apartment can be said only in general terms.We have tried to highlight the most frequent points, each case is individual, it depends on the presence or absence of children, their age, the presence of a spouse, etc.