Kindergarten: what documents are needed ?

Kindergarten: what documents are needed ?

Many young parents familiar with the problem of the child device in kindergarten, what documents are needed for this, and what doctors need to pass, know not all the mothers and fathers, but, nevertheless, the need to go to work makes parents mostdifferent ways to arrange their children in child care centers.When


Unfortunately, the seats in the municipal kindergartens are not enough, because the child is recorded in advance, preferably immediately after his birth.And although the order, the statement need to take care in advance to collect all the documents required for kindergarten do not have much time.Now no longer need to write a statement to the head of the name, there are special commissions, which you submit information about your child: the place of residence or temporary registration number of the birth certificate and passport details of the parents.You put on a waiting list, and when the time comes, you can go directly to registration.

Making a child in kindergarten

First of all you need to write a statement to the head of the name, and it can be served during the whole calendar year.To refuse to accept this statement the institution is not entitled to.The application may be filed by parents of the child and their legal representatives.In addition to the application is submitted the original birth certificate and a medical certificate of the established sample, which gives a pediatrician based on the opinion of experts on child health.Typically, to get help is required to pass tests and be examined by a surgeon, neurologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist.

also seems to extract from the vaccination card with notes about the vaccination and a certificate indicating that the baby is not an infectious disease character.The validity of this certificate is three days since its discharge.

List, which documents for kindergarten must be submitted to enroll a child in pre-school, and the same for municipal and private gardens.The only exceptions are specialized gardens.

for admission to pre-school specialized type than those listed documents need a referral to a specialized kindergarten received in the management of education, the conclusion about the child's experts Commission inspection.