How to write a description of the child?

How to write a description of the child?

To create a psychological and pedagogical characteristic on the preschool child, you must first make a diagnosis.Below you will find information on how to write a description of the child.

We form the characteristic preschooler

Informative information

  1. Last name, first name.
  2. Date of birth (day, month, year).
  3. Family Information:
    • family structure, a summary of the parents (name, place of work);
    • social and living conditions of the family, the attitude of relatives to the child in the family.
  4. Whence came to preschool (family, kindergarten, children's homes), which group visits.
  5. Features adaptation period.
  6. degree of formation of cultural and hygienic habits.

Cognitive Function

  1. Features attention.
  2. Features of perception.
  3. skills of orientation in space.
  4. Features memory.
  5. Features of speech development.
  6. Feature thinking.
  7. Mastering software requirements.

Features work

  1. condition of labor skills.
  2. Features awareness of the purpose and conditions of employment.
  3. skills of operating a pencil, scissors, a ruler.
  4. Feature own manufactured products.
  5. community service (the nature of the requests, the existence of initiative, independence).

Features gaming activities

  1. Manifestation activity initiatives.
  2. type of game activity, the nature of the interaction in the game.
  3. Preferred games.

Features emotional and volitional and personal

  1. type of nervous system: even-tempered, excitable, brake;
  2. Features of emotional sphere (the prevailing mood, the nature of the interaction with adults and peers);
  3. presence of criticality in the evaluation of their actions and behavior of others;
  4. presence in the character traits such as kindness, willingness to help.Negative traits: deceit, obstinacy, theft and others;
  5. creative activity characteristic - drawing, singing, dancing;
  6. educator conclusions about the possibility of mastering this group of programs and recommended corrective action (sessions with a speech therapist, a psychologist, pathologist, transfer to a specialized group).Put the date stamp, the signature of the expert and the head of the preschool.

Now that you know how to write a response to the child and that should be reflected in it.The characterization summarizes the most important information obtained in the study.