Buying an apartment : what documents are needed ?

Buying an apartment : what documents are needed ?

Each of us has reached a certain stage in life, dreams of owning a house.Any real estate purchase requires high-quality preparation of the necessary documents.The point is not easy, since the required number of papers sometimes reaches several tens.Lack of knowledge in the collection of documents for the purchase can not only result in the loss of their savings, but also spent nerves and often - the length of proceedings.

list of documents for the purchase of apartments in the property has a standard list, so to carry out their preparations under the force of each person.However, if you are not sure are not able to do it yourself, please refer to the acquisition of real estate professionals in their abilities, or for whatever reason.

collect a package of documents for the acquisition of property

When a purchase of an apartment, what documents are needed?Actual question for many owners.If the buyer has the necessary amount for the purchase of apartments, the list of documents is simplified consi

derably.Do not forget that the documents when buying an apartment for cash may be radically different from buying a mortgage.You will need:

  • passport or any other document that can verify the identity of the buyer's apartment;
  • also need to have a marriage certificate, if any;
  • Written consent of a spouse, certified by a notary public for the purchase of apartments in the property.

Necessary documents to buy an apartment in the mortgage need special attention during their assembly.The list of required documents HEMA and can sometimes consist of several items from 5 to 20. It is often so that when reading the list it appears that more than half of the documents you have on hand.It is only necessary to remove their copies.

What documents to buy an apartment in the mortgage you need to prepare:

  • copies of passport pages, all without exception, the borrower / co-borrower;
  • copy of the marriage certificate or its termination;
  • copies of certificates of minor children or children copies of passports, which turned 14y.o.;
  • copy of the insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance, it is necessary to perform the two sides;
  • copy of TIN;
  • for men under the age of 27 years, require a copy of a military ID card;
  • copies of existing education;
  • copy of employment record;
  • application for credit;
  • copy of the certificate about the absence of debt on utility bills;
  • customer profile, it can get in the bank, it is advisable to take a few copies;
  • original certificate of family composition and recording;
  • copy of driver's license or a certificate that you are not observed in the mental hospital;
  • consent of a spouse to transfer property bail in writing and notarized.
  • information on available credits, copies of credit contracts, references about the vessel debts, payment schedule;
  • information about your income, over the last 6 to 12 months in the form 2NDFL.

Depending on the conditions of the bank, the list can be either supplemented or vice versa, and some of the documents may not be required at all.All collected documents, you need to carefully prepare and sort files and folders.Better yet, if you pre-scan the documents and all will carry in electronic form, which will save you time and speed up the time of the transaction.