How to write a response to the student ?

How to write a response to the student ?

Any student passing practice in your company, sooner or later, will appeal to you to write a response to it.But employers are not doing it every day, so make a comment on the student is problematic.

Highlights writing characteristics

How to write a response to the student?So, first you need to know that the performance of a student is printed on the letterhead, which compulsory listed company details: name, VAT number, checking account, address, phone number and e-mail.Perhaps the student himself will bring to you the form of educational institutions, if they so accepted, please ask at the trainee.After the data of your company are specified student data: name and date of practice.

It was a kind of hat the document.And now you have to think carefully about the main part of the characteristics of a student.Remember what he did the student during practice, which side he showed himself as a specialist evaluate its performance and professional qualities.Divide the main part 3 of the paragraph:

  1. Specifies the list of works in which the student participated for the practice.All this must be related to professional activities.Carefully read the training manual or plan practice, for sure, there will be given the task to practice.Paraphrase them and enter in this paragraph.If a student is performing other activities that are not related to the specialty, it is not recommended to mark them.It is not necessary to record the student Hemming case and went through the papers.
  2. further evaluate student work, that is, describe its relationship to the activities performed, knowledge, abilities, skills, diligence and discipline.If in the previous part of the facts here leave their expert opinions were given.
  3. And in the end, without further ado set a mark for the practice.

example of how to write a response to the student

V student of the course of the Petrozavodsk State University Faculty of Philology Ivan Ivanov took place in qualifying practice (company name) from February 1, 2010 to April 1, 2010 as an intern-trainee.During the passage of the qualifying practice Ivanov III studied the structure, activities, functions, tasks of the enterprise;acquainted with the regulations;gained experience in solving research tasks, skills, work in the specialty;cemented into practice the knowledge acquired at the university (in this paragraph write more than a specific activity than the fuzzy language).

Ivanov IIHe distinguished himself as a bona fide executive sociable, hardworking laborer.He is respectful and friendly to the staff and demonstrated excellent knowledge in their specialty.As a student, he has already established itself as a highly qualified specialist.

As a result of passing the qualifying practice of the student Ivanov IIIt deserves an excellent rating.