How to write an application for the transfer ?

How to write an application for the transfer ?

Many probably had "transferred" from one position to another or from one job to another.For those.To this it was not possible to do, how to write an application for transfer, tell our article.

Why statement translation

Application specific employee to be transferred shall be the basis for the order to be transferred, and the order - the basis for recording data in the work book.This, first of all, the workers concerned: if employment records do not support positions that are indicated in the summary, that there are difficulties in finding other work later.After all, the employer may decide that the person "embellished" his knowledge and experience, to feed themselves in a favorable light.

In practice, the change in his career, if any, are associated with an increase in employment opportunities or employee more interesting things, preceded by a verbal agreement with the employer.In ryazhe firms such personnel formalities generally neglected, most often it occurs in small businesses.In some firms

may not know what to do in such cases.

Making statements

Let's make a sample application for the translation, which, like all other statements begins with the "cap".The first line, tend to reflect who designed this application.The decision on such transfer takes only the head of the company, it means that there has to be his name.In the first line you need to write a post (for example, general manager or president), the second line - his surname and initials.

following lines relate to the employee:

  • position;
  • surname and initials of the employee.

Below is always written on the center of the page the word "statement".

With the new line, you must write: "Please transfer me ..." and then, for example:

  • in the event of a transfer within a single company structure, indicate the new position.
  • if the transfer between company departments, it is necessary to specify a department where people will work and the position for which there is.

At the end you need to put a date (on the left).If such a statement is written by hand, then you need to sign (on the right in front of date).If typing on a computer, then you just need to sign and include in the company's human resources department.

Now you know how to write an application for the dismissal of the translation and not only!