Changing names : what documents are needed ?

Changing names : what documents are needed ?

In making this decision, as a change of surname, you must understand that it is your responsible decision, which would entail changes in the personal documents.Change the names can be carried out at a marriage, but the process is not as complicated as that, when carried out voluntarily changed his name.What documents are needed for this?First of all, you must know that the change of names of the employees involved in the registry office at the place of residence.

Changing names after marriage

In order to change the name after a woman gets married, it is necessary to replace a passport - the basic document confirming the identity of the person.Moreover, according to the current Russian legislation, the period of the passport exchange is 1 month.In case of delay, the woman will have to pay a fine.In order to exchange a passport, you must provide a passport office in the receipt of payment of state duty, the old passport (it is destroyed in accordance with certain rules), the application for issuan

ce of a new passport, marriage certificate (divorce) in the original, 5 photos of the established sample.After filling out the forms in the passport office, after 10 days, a woman gets on the hands of a new passport.On the basis of the passport will be replacing all the remaining documents.What documents by changing the names should be replaced it depends on which ones you owned before marriage.

Key documents for the replacement

In the presence of the passport, it must be replaced, but only after you have on hand will be a new Russian passport.the production of this document time is about a month, but no more.To replace the passport you need to provide a new passport of the Russian Federation and a statement.

subject to replacement and medical insurance.But immediately on hand will not give you a permanent record, but only temporary, which has the same legal force as a permanent insurance policy.To replace the need to provide employees with the city department of your insurance company a new passport and the old policy.If you're a working citizen of the Russian Federation, the tack with a work book.When should you go for a permanent insurance policy issued on a new name, indicate the employees of the insurance company.

The pension fund should seek in order to change the insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance in the new.To do this will need to provide a new passport and a marriage certificate (originals and copies), as well as fill out an application for document period SNILS - exactly one month.

Can not complete replacement of documents for change of name without a woman without exchanging a taxpayer identification number.To replace it you must contact the tax office, do not forget to bring along a new passport and the old certificate INN.Employees of tax inspection will give an application form that must be filled, and then a week later the woman will receive a new TIN.

Additional documents to replace

Not every woman has a driver's license, but if you own them, after the name change, please contact the local branch of the traffic police.To replace a driver's license is necessary to provide a new passport and photos, made according to the established pattern, your application for the replacement of old driving licenses and rights.With the registration of a driving license for a new name, you can not rush, because according to the law, a woman may use the old driver's license, having your marriage certificate.

All bank cards and checkbooks change in those banks, where they are processed.Turning to the bank with a new passport, you fill out an application and provide a marriage certificate (a copy).

documents that can not be replaced

In some cases, the documents do not need to change when you change the names.These documents include diplomas and certificates of completion of secondary school, vocational schools and other educational institutions.No need to be replaced and the work book, as in this document the old family name is crossed out, and written new in its place.It should not change when you change the names of all the documents and property, which is in the woman's property.They remain valid, if a woman will give a certificate of marriage (divorce, if there was a change of surname after the divorce).

If the marriage, the basic document confirming the change of name is a marriage certificate, then the replacement of names as desired, RF citizen receives a certificate of change of name.At the moment, there are no restrictions in quantitative terms the change of names.After receiving the document, which is confirmed by the names change, which change documents - the question arises quite logically.So, all the same documents must be changed, and that after marriage.One difference is only in the fact that you are bringing is not a marriage certificate, a certificate of change of name.