How to write a response to the student ?

How to write a response to the student ?

What is characteristic of all?It is a written document outlining any person, whether slave or apprentice.In this article we will try to understand how to write a response to the student that it should be taken into account, and how to make response.

Characteristics person accompany today throughout his life's journey.And it starts right from school.Further characterization is required when the decision on the military registration, university admissions and employment often for work.By writing such a document should be treated very seriously.Because of the characteristics of literacy and the information that it carries in itself, will depend neither more nor less, and the fate of man.

What to look for before writing specifications

Before you write a response to the student, pay attention to the factors stated below.Then they should be displayed in most characteristic.So, here's what you should emphasize in the first place:

  1. Note that, as a student manifests itself in society as a whole.What a
    re the features of its communication with other children as relates to teachers: respect them, or vice versa despises?
  2. If possible, find a review for this student from other students and from teachers.Then write in the characterization of something on the similarity: "In the eyes of teachers, student Petrenko Ivan is an example of diligent behavior and the pursuit of knowledge."Well, or vice versa.
  3. Note, accepting student for whom written description of, participation in class activity.Sociable student or vice versa is closed in itself.
  4. Be sure to include information about student achievement.
  5. brief mention in the characterization, in which the family is brought up and growing student.For example: "Ivan Ivanovich Petrenko grows in an intellectual family parents of pupils, as fully as possible have a positive impact on it.".

As formalized characteristic

  1. At the beginning of the document should indicate the appointment.For example, in the case of a request for such a characteristic of the military account, you should write: "Chief Military Commissioner".If the details of the requested law enforcement bodies, the "Head of the Department of Internal Affairs" and so on.
  2. First of all, as a rule, lists certain psychological characteristics of the student.Well, then, have any concrete achievements.
  3. characteristics should assure his signature, and the signature of the director and the school seal.

is important to remember that this seemingly small thing, can cost much in a person's life.Therefore, always make a discount for early age.However, do not be too loyal.Try to correctly select the terms, as well as the right to build sentences in the description of behavior and personal qualities of the student.