How to write an application bailiffs ?

How to write an application bailiffs ?

Before to apply to bailiffs to the appropriate district office, certain preparatory steps need to be taken.To do this, you need to take to the bank where you have an account or savings book, details.Also, check the personal account number.


Write to the bailiffs, where we point out the details, so that later on the personal account of the money was transferred.

armed with a writ of execution and application, go to the office of the district bailiffs, where the trial took place.

Do not forget to make sure that you have made the proper mark of the receipt of your documents on a copy of the application.Further, no later than 3 days you will be assigned your bailiff.Bailiffs are citizens of the reception twice a week.

the statement

Requirements How to write an application bailiffs?General requirements in accordance with the Federal Law "On Enforcement Proceedings", are:

  1. details of the bank account to which the funds will be transferred, or the address to which you want to transfer th
    e cash received;
  2. data claimant - citizen: surname, first name, middle name, and details of the document, which provided for the verification of his identity;
  3. data vzyskatelya- legal entity: name, registered office and place of state registration, taxpayer identification number or code of a foreign organization.

necessary information

Most often, the claimant has the those - or other information about the debtor, who are able to help in the work of a bailiff.This information should also be specified in the statement.It can be:

  • addresses and phone numbers of the debtor;
  • details of his bank accounts, movable and immovable property;
  • available information on obtaining grants the debtor, grants etc;

acquainted with the provisions of the Federal Law on Enforcement Proceedings you can, by clicking on the link / popular / ispolproisv /

sample, how to write a statement to the bailiffs can be viewed by clicking on the link: / vzyskanie-dolgov-6.html