How to write a testimonial?

Feature - an official document containing the summary report of the performance of human and social activities as well as information on its main strengths and weaknesses.With well-prepared response and resume, the candidate can already count on a profitable position.So, we shall understand how to write a response.


To obtain the characteristics of official forms do not exist, but over time a certain standard of writing is still formed.Feature is written in the third person, it must sign the Chief of Staff and the head of division, in which the number of employees.

certainly characteristics:

  • introductory part,
  • personal data,
  • information on employment,
  • rating business and personal qualities,
  • final part.

Strict Partitioning should not be, but they should be presented, and one part should flow smoothly into another, it is not necessary to carry out individual titles, such as "Personal Data", "Personality" and so on. D.

Let us examine a little more design rules of each section.

introductory part

This part consists of the name of the document, information about the organization, the name of the employee and his or her position.Information about the company (name, address, contact details) is indicated at the top of the sheet, it is placed under the title of the document - "Characteristics".Next appears the full name of the employee and his position in the above-mentioned organization.

Profile Details

In this part of the year of birth indicates the employee, his education with an indication of the place of study and year of graduation.In addition, this section notes a scientific degree and the rank of the employee, if any.

Information about employment

What information is relevant in this section?First, data on when the employee has been employed in a position, not be amiss to point earlier and places the employee works.Second, information on transitions and promotion of staff, if any, of course, available.Thirdly, we should list the most important results of the employee, for example, the management major project, signing an agreement with a major partner, and so on. D. Well, finally, is appropriate in this section information about how to obtain the employee additional education while in office.

Evaluation of business and personal qualities

In this section, it is important not only to assess the professional skills, but also his moral and ethical qualities.What should be noted in the description of business skills?

  • have experience in some form of activity with the indication of the most advantageous skills personnel, in particular - it is worth noting what kinds of activities the employee has achieved the best results;
  • knowledge of regulations, their rights and responsibilities, and a desire to develop others;
  • ability to properly organize the workflow in time to take the assigned task in time to be effective in an emergency.

In assessing the personal qualities important to note the ability to maintain correct relations with colleagues and with the leadership.Of special note is the ability to build relationships with partners.

In this section, it is important to specify not only the most advantageous side of the employee, but also its shortcomings, but it's worth doing properly.In some parts you write - the employee has a lot of experience, to some - sufficient experience, well, somewhere will have to write - is not enough in-depth knowledge.Feature can not be perfect, and the words "insufficient depth knowledge" will not make it worse, but rather closer to reality.This phrase is unlikely to produce a bad effect on future employers, especially if in the previous sections, you have indicated that an employee is always open to new knowledge.

final part

This section specifies the purpose of drawing up specifications, it is permissible to specify - "Characters are given for the presentation of the place demands."

Next in the lower right corner of the sheet placed the necessary signatures of persons, that is, as we mentioned above, the Chief of Staff and the head of division, in which the number of employees.Signatures should be supported by the official seal of the organization, and, in addition, do not forget to put the date of registration of properties.

More information about the preparation of the characteristics found in the section Specifications.