How to fill in a passport application for a new model ?

How to fill in a passport application for a new model ?

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How to fill in a passport application for a new model?

The questionnaire on the passport of the new sample at first glance may seem a fairly simple task.However, experience has shown that when you make this document people often make mistakes, mainly the same.

documents for the formulation

Download form here.Assure executed questionnaire on the new procedure since April 2013 never needed, as well as the work book, which can be useful in the process of filling.Together with her to make all the data required to obtain a biometric passport is necessary to prepare the following documents:

  • Russian passport and old passport, if any;
  • In case of change of surname or middle name, the marriage certificate;
  • Workbook with information about the work over the past 10 years.

essential difference between the new form on the biometric passport of the old sample application for a passport is the need for record keeping in all capital letters.Also, it is forbidden to go beyond t

he boundary of the square, allotted to painting.In case of violation of this condition, the documents will not be accepted.It is necessary to review the documents that are required at registration on a passport in the article What documents are needed for the passport.

How to fill out a questionnaire?

Consider questionnaire items.Fill them better in order, starting with the first.

These Russian citizen

  1. The first line is reserved for filling in name.In case of change of surname must specify the old and the date of its change and accurate data about the place where it happened (organization, city).If the name is not changed, it is necessary to write "Name does not change (A)."
  2. Line on place of birth is necessary to accurately rewrite passports city.
  3. Line location - specify the address of the place of residence for a residence permit.Sometimes people do not know how to fill out an application for a biometric passport in a specific city, if they live in another region.Thus citizens must specify the place of permanent residence and the registration address in the city.Show all contact numbers.
  4. further specify the current citizenship of the Russian Federation and in the second line information about other citizenship, if any.If not, write - "It does not."
  5. Fit passport data with the unit code.

purpose of obtaining passports

  1. necessary to accurately specify the purpose of teaching a foreign passport.Most often this is a temporary travel abroad or the need to stay in another country.
  2. Specify the type of obtaining passports.In the case of primary issuance you must write a "primary", during the second (regardless of its validity), "instead of using" the same principle documented other cases "to replace the lost" or "place of the spoiled."

Availability tolerances and convictions

  1. If a person made out before the admission, it is necessary to note that fact, or when checking a person can make it impossible to obtain a passport.Those who have not experienced this concept should write "DO NOT BE."You should also consider the fact that the persons who enter into a contract on obtaining secret information, in connection with which travel abroad is limited, can not get a passport until they expire term of the contract.
  2. In the case of military service record "called (A)" - if not, are not intended to (A) is not directed (A). "
  3. If there is a criminal record, together with the documents on the biometric passport is required all the papers showing its withdrawal and payment of various fines associated with it.Otherwise, write "not convicted (A) to attract (A)."

Data on employment

Fill details on the conduct of work over the past 10 years, including education and service.If during this period you were in prison, you ukat period, the name and address of the institution.If gaps in the labor market over a month - stated "temporarily closed (A)", and the address of residence at that time.If there are several positions while working in the same organization, they need to be separated by a comma.At the end of the recorded date of issuance, series and number of the work book.

last item questionnaire designed to specify the data on the previous passport, if it was not - this item should be left blank.

For more information, we recommend you read the article How to fill out a questionnaire on the passport.

Ready-profile statement is printed together with the other documents served to the appropriate service.If the supply took place in the presence of an employee of the Federal Migration Service, to biometric passports on the reverse side will be the applicant's signature.