How to write an application for dismissal ?

How to write an application for dismissal ?

If you are going to retire from work, then you need to put your employer know.

How to write an application for dismissal?

application for dismissal is never printed, write it manually.Usually formulate it the same way: "Please fire me of their own accord."But if you formulate differently, then it will not breach.Date, place the day when pass it on signature of the head.If the leader is absent, the Secretary-General should put a mark on the admission of its date, and you have to match your.

two weeks later, you will execute the order of dismissal and blown on hand work record with the corresponding record.Within two weeks, the employer has the opportunity to pick up another employee, and you withdraw your application if change your mind.Also during this period, you can go on vacation or on sick leave, which is often many do, if the work has become unbearable.Once you come to the hospital or from a vacation, you do not have to work for another two weeks.This work experience during vacation or sick

in this situation is not interrupted.

Of course, you can get in the calculation of holiday pay for unused vacation, but, most likely you will count to a minimum.And if you go on vacation, still working, you get a full-fledged vacation.In addition, there is a chance to relax before going to a new job (holiday on it's still not coming soon) or tight to seek a new, if you have not yet found.

If you stay in this business no longer have any force, take sick leave.Small temperature, pressure, back pain, and the like serve as a reason to get sick leave.Do not worry if sick in the team are not welcome.All the same, you do not work with these people, and sick leave - a serious document, it just is not issued, so I do not argue here.If the alleged sick leave may last longer than two weeks (for example, you need an operation), then do not write the statement.Go to the hospital and two weeks before the end of his letter of resignation pass by close relatives or send by mail.During the period before the writing of the statement you will be billed monthly salary, so you will not lose money.Do not forget that in this case the statement is written in two copies, one of which the secretary or an employee of the personnel department puts a mark on the admission and the date of receipt.The second copy shall be kept until the full payment to you.By the way, you need to calculate a period of three days after the date of the dismissal order.Otherwise, the employer will have to pay you wages for every day of delay.