How to write an application ?

Wherever you come into an official office, all require the application to write.Of course, there are examples of statements are posted, or you will be given in a specially designated box ... But if there is no time and before you a huge queue, you can familiarize yourself with how to write a statement in advance right here.

How to apply for a leave of absence

Statement Vacation written by hand.In any statement is made "cap", which is located in the upper right corner:

  • first line: title, name in the dative (to whom the statement is addressed),
  • second line: your title, name in the genitive case.

then the middle name of the document is written "statement" in small letters.Then with a red line write text of a statement with a brief formulation of the request: "Please provide me with the next holiday" day.month.year "r on." Day.month.year "g In the event that an employee takes a vacation at his own unpaid annual, the statement adds. "leave without pay" Below left put the date right i

n front of her personal signature of the applicant

there are difficult situations, when an employee takes a vacation, and the holiday falls on it arises confusion... numbers that indicate it in the application you will need to write: "Please provide me with the next holiday" day.month.year " "28 days", for example.

How to write an application for dismissal

resignation letter should be written by hand.In the event that the employment contract is terminated, the employee need to write a letter of resignation.This statement is made in accordance with the reason for the dismissal, for example, with the consent of the parties or of their own volition.Hat in the upper right corner is filled as well as on the application for leave, what we talked about above.Then the name of the document as written "statement" in small letters.And with a red line formulate a request: "Please fire me from office on (indicated by the reason)" day.month.year "g."Here is placed the date of writing the application on the left and right side of the personal signature of the applicant.

Now about some controversial points in how to properly write a statement on the dismissal.No mandatory working off of two weeks there, you can get sick, go on vacation, the term "2 weeks" is not suspended.The essence of this period is that the employer has the ability to search for a new employee to your office.In addition, you have the right to change your mind and write another statement with a request to consider resignation invalid.Court such a request is interpreted in favor of the employee.That is, the employer has the right to fire you on the day when you wrote the statement, if you do not want to.

How to write a statement in court

finished the topic of the work, let's see how to write the statement of claim.This issue must be taken seriously, since the success of the case in court will depend on how you have made a claim.Of course, a professional lawyer can help you in his well-written, but if this is not possible, you have to manage on their own.

A4 size, type or write by hand the following:

  1. The correct name of the court.
  2. name plaintiff address.In that case, if the petition is served to your representative, the specified and its data (name and address).
  3. Name (name) defendant's address.No matter how many defendants, all prescribed data.
  4. reason for applying to the court.Let us consider this point more ... Specifically stated a violation of your rights, freedoms or legitimate interests.Here are the facts on which the claim is based and the evidence of the claimant (your).You must as detailed as possible to paint the evidence of your words and the very essence of the matter.But at the same time strongly not carried, all the sheets 20 do not need to paint.Be clear, concise.
  5. plaintiff's requirements.It will be very good, if you specify the rules of law, prove your claim.Are attached article of the Constitution, Administrative, Criminal, Civil Codes, different laws, it may be an international convention.To attribute here all the laws of succession, which does indirectly related to your business, it is impossible, otherwise it will cause a negative reaction vessels.
  6. Price action if necessary.Strongly do not overstate it may be revised.When it comes to money, the price is determined by the sum exacted if the property - value of the property, or the total amount of all claims.
  7. prescribed list of documents attached to the application (for example, receipts, a doctor's certificate, copies of contracts, expert opinions, etc.).
  8. date, signature.

remind you that the statement of claim to the court the plaintiff must attach:

  1. as many copies of the application as you have the defendants,
  2. documents of evidence and on the number of defendants,
  3. receipt of payment of state fee for filing an application to the court,
  4. payment exacted a sum of money in writing.

How to write an application for divorce

Such a difficult decision in a person's life as divorce, accompanied by a number of formalities.If the couple has children, the petition for divorce to sue.If there are no children, the application for divorce may be submitted to the registrar.For the application form is required, which will need to fill.Sample application to write it correctly, and you can see on the Internet.

The cap is prescribed:

  • first line: "the magistrate court plot number ... (the city)",
  • second line: name, address of the claimant,
  • third line: name, address of the defendant.

Next middle should indicate the name of the document: "The statement of claim for divorce and alimony."The text of the statement should be:.. "I, (name), entered (a) marriage to c name" day.month.year "(this is the date of registration of marriage) from marriage has a minor child (child's name), the ...birth. currently relationship deteriorated, family preservation impossible. Together does not live with (here put "day.month.year"). Spouse (s) on divorce agree (or disagree). Disputes over the division of property and child-rearing do not have. The child is living with the mother (father). on the basis of Art. 21, 22, 23 (agree to a divorce) SKRF, ask the court to marriage registered (date, registrar agency) to terminate. "Date and personal signature of the plaintiff.