How to draw up a statement for the cancellation ?

How to draw up a statement for the cancellation ?

Act for the cancellation of the materials can be formed in the event that the material is broken and no longer be used.This document certifies that the particular material is not implemented.You must be very careful when filling in the act for the cancellation.

Drafting act

use a single document trading session for most materials - 16 (Act approved form for the cancellation).In order to correctly draw up a statement on the cancellation, you must fill in all fields of the form and provide the following information:

  • name of the organization, and a structural unit (if filled TORG-16);
  • the date of registration of the act;
  • place of the act;
  • name members of the commission, which confirms the unsuitability of materials.Also compulsory to indicate the position of all members of the commission;
  • OKPO;
  • name of the material;
  • inventory numbers;
  • reason the material is written off;
  • amount of material;
  • price per unit;
  • total cost;
  • weight (if bulk material).

Once the act is issued, it must be sign

ed by all members of the commission.Then he puts his signature and official seal head of the organization.


  1. Before proceeding to the design of the act, it is necessary to make sure that the material that is to be written off, was issued at the request of the committee members and convinced of its uselessness.
  2. If the material is outdated or left his amortization period, the shape Togra-16 does not have to fill out.Accountant in any form draws the material, the most important thing - to indicate the inventory of the goods number and the date of debiting.You must also specify the company name and department, where the material is written off.And to make all of the data, as in the design of TORG-16.You can then carry on the act of the head of the signature.
  3. write-off act best be in triplicate.One copy is left in the accounts, the second - in the department, and the third - the material and the person in charge.
  4. If the application is provided to act, then the mark on this is done before the signatures of the commission members.
  5. If one member of the commission does not agree with the provisions described in the act, he can sign it, but make a note of any comments.All comments should then set out on a separate sheet of paper in any form.
  6. If the supervisor approves the cancellation of the act, then mark this should be done in the upper right corner.With
  7. act is necessary to introduce all those whose activities are reflected in it (or may affect them).The following signatures written "with the act of familiar" and the names of the persons concerned.

view the act can be prepared by downloading this file.