How to create a balance sheet ?

How to create a balance sheet ?

balance sheet - a very laborious process, requiring the chief accountant of the company, organization or company the maximum attention and concentration, as well as possession of information about the financial status of the company.Before you make a balance sheet, the accountant should verify all payments to contractors, to compile information relating to the active part of the financial statements, as well as be aware of all the material costs of the company, which will be reflected in his passive part.

asset balance

Experts recommend starting the filling of the balance sheet for the reporting period with the filling of its active part.But before completing this part, you need to know what part of the property sale.The asset is a property owned by a legal entity, namely, plant and equipment and finished products, and other financial investments.Strictly speaking, the asset - is something that can bring profit organization.When filling out the active part of the balance, however, as a liability

, it must be remembered that there are accounts that can be attributed to both an asset and a liability.This is due to the fact that "Calculations under taxes" or "Accounts payable", as well as some other accounts can bring to the enterprise as a profit or reduce it.Therefore, these accounts are called "active-passive".

passive balance

passive part of the balance of the account is formed, which a priori can not bring profit to the enterprise.The passive part of the balance is displayed trading margin and depreciation of fixed assets, intangible assets and other credit facilities.If you are a new employee, and not know how to create a balance sheet, an example, take the balance sheet for the previous reporting period.According to him, decide that for a given enterprise is the main liability, as well as review the information on changes, new operations that can enter into the passive part of the balance.If in doubt, be attributed to any particular transaction accounts, use the chart of accounts and accounting software 1C.It is good that beside the name indicates the type of account.

algorithm filling balance

When completing the balance sheet in any case should not be allowed corrections, as this financial statement shall in superior organizations in the statistical department, checked the supervisory authorities.The balance consists mainly of national currency, that is, in rubles.Employees of the organizations that have foreign currency accounts or payments to contractors are in a foreign currency, you must convert foreign currency into rubles according to the exchange rate of the central bank, which is characteristic for the day fill the balance.The balance of the enterprise is made exclusively in thousand rubles - the bookkeeper should not point in the balance of decimal values.Negative balance figures are written in brackets, but not with the "minus".

If you set a goal to create a balance sheet, you must first fill in the appropriate lines of financial indicators of the company at the beginning of the reporting period.They are listed in the balance sheet for the previous period, namely, in the column "At the end of the reporting period."The only exceptions are those cases where the period between the previous and current reporting period there was a reorganization of the enterprise, the structural unit or branch.

in the balance sheet are the codes - they must be observed without fail.Why is this necessary?The fact that the typical balance is designed to control the organization of the enterprise can check absolutely any kind of activity, and therefore a unified coding system was created.Even if the balance is carried filling which is of the organization itself, then it must be provided lines codes are the same as in a typical sheet.

refuse filling in quarterly or annual balance sheet is not possible, because this rate is fixed at the level of the current legal framework.The lack of balance in the enterprise entails responsibility as the head and chief accountant.It should be noted that nowadays it is possible to make online book balance, but it does not mean that the enterprise reporting should not balance on paper.

Balance For the organization, the list of which depends on the type of organization, in a specific time frame.Violation of terms of delivery can be fraught with negative consequences for the organization.Thus, after the preparation of this document, the chief accountant should make as many copies of it, as an organization, he must give up.

Verifying balance

Before you correctly to make a balance sheet, you have to check all the calculations with the tax inspection.Having reconciled, you will be sure that the part of income taxes on wages, on the ground, and others, all figures in the balance sheet coincide.The company lists the taxes even in organizations such as the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, so before drawing up a balance is necessary to check the calculations and with these services.Neglecting these rules, you make mistakes, which have subsequently corrected.This means that you have to redo all the statements.

If you properly accounted for the balance, the figures on his assets should coincide with those in liabilities.In the case where you have a different situation is observed with the balance, it is necessary to double-check those items that you can make mistakes.Properly completed the balance will show the real picture of the financial condition of the company.That is why it is planned to profitability and performance in terms of sales for future periods based on the balance indicators.