How to make the deed of gift ?

How to make the deed of gift ?

There are several ways to transfer property from one person to another.If prior to the transfer by inheritance still far away, you can just give the property.It is only necessary to know how to make a donation contract properly, so that the state, tax, regulatory and registration authorities do not have any questions.Of course, it is best to make such an agreement with a lawyer, notarize and then register a new property of the recipient.In principle, the process is straightforward, as we are assured lawyers.Suppose you have decided on their own to make a donation contract.Blanc you can take from professionals (notary, lawyer).For more information about how to leave a gift certificate, please click here.


contract The contract of donation the donor does not have the right to put the recipient any conditions, all transferred free of charge and without any obstacles.For some donors this put significant disadvantage.For the recipient, too, has its disadvantages in giving.As the recipient wil

l draw up a long recording of his gift, because this procedure is for a contract of donation may take time up to six months.Create a written agreement with the donation can be a date to be after some time in the future, at the choice of the donor.It is even possible to stipulate, after the events of the donation comes into force.And if the donor died before the donation register with the notary, the contract shall be deemed invalid.Any of the parties may make donations as individuals, and legal, as well as the state.The form of the contract can be oral or written.Giving in writing only applies to real estate.The apartment can not be present for the oral statement, necessarily need to draw up a contract of donation apartments.Just how to donate an apartment can be found here.These are the features of a deed of gift.A sample of it you can find on the internet, see what it is, and see if you are able to fill it.

subject of the contract donation

subject of the contract of donation should be clearly defined in advance, before you begin to fill in the contract.It can be an apartment, house, garage, in a word, any property.The main part of the donors is transmitted apartments, according to statistics.You can donate money, property rights, intellectual property, securities, any thing that is valuable.You can not give all that is classified as a service.This is completely contrary to the purpose and the meaning of the contract.


contract documents to conclude the contract, you need to provide a package of documents, and it is their property for each list.First we need to have on hand all the documents proving ownership of the giver of all property available for adoption.After all, if it does not belong at least partly to the donor, the contract will come back in a month from the registration service for revision, which means that all the effort and expense will have to be repeated.The second of the required documents for donation - a passport.Copies will require both the donor and the recipient.

Termination giving

terminate the contract of gift may be only the court in certain cases.Firstly, if a third party can prove the incapacity of the donor.It is very difficult, but sometimes it happens.If the donee has committed an attempt on the life of the donor, to the members of his family, to relatives, or caused them injuries, the contract is canceled.If you suddenly seem donor that the recipient of the gift of badly drawn to him, threatening the loss of the thing, and she is very dear to the donor with an immaterial point of view, it is also a court may revoke the donation.Just donation will be canceled if the recipient died before a donor, and it was stipulated in the contract initially, as a condition.