How to draw up a contract ?

How to draw up a contract ?

In modern times, many of the transaction, the purchase contract requires preparation.Do you rent an apartment, take a loan, buy a car, etc., all you need to sign a contract.Not every one of us knows, and how to draw up a contract.Therefore I propose to this matter in more detail.

If you decide you do cope with the preparation of the contract, keep in mind the fact that the contract has its own structure, which can be a little change and correct all the major items to be described in detail, if necessary.Written contract is concluded in two copies and given to each of the parties.

basic details of any contract

Let's look at how to write a contract.The main points of the agreement are as follows:

  1. cap.It indicates the date and place of conclusion of the contract.Specify the number and designation.Each party (the supplier - buyer, the customer - the executor, etc.) are required to submit only the responsible persons who have the right to sign the agreement.
  2. subject of the contract.It reflects t
    he basic provisions of the provided services.There is also the product range can be presented.
  3. Obligations of the parties.It describes only the basic requirements of the customer and the performer.
  4. Test conditions.It contains all the important information for - deadlines, rules and other accommodation.This could include the rules by which the customer will evaluate the quality of the services it will carry out acceptance and to assess the quality.Do not write anything extra that is understandable by default or have already spelled out in the law.Try to identify all of the major and necessary items.
  5. cost and payment procedure.This paragraph shall be taken separately since often enter into a contract with a view to long-term use.Therefore, it is better to find out all the price issues and then come back to this issue, do not be a new treaty.To do this, you must describe the procedure for changes in prices.The text of the agreement must contain the sub, which described in detail the conditions and terms of payment.
  6. responsibility.Here you can specify the items that reflect the responsibility for the failure of supply, failure to work and so on.
  7. Contingencies.Do not omit the fact that due to some external factors may occur operation fails.Therefore it is necessary to specify the item that indicates that unexpected forces can remove responsibility from the parties.
  8. Validity.
  9. Settlement of Disputes.Often this item combined with the point of termination.
  10. Details sides.It contains information about the company, addresses, phone numbers, CPR, BIK, BIN enterprise.The correctness of the information is confirmed posed signatures and seals.

This example is not final.Items can be combined into one, change their names.You can add something or take away, but the bottom line is about the same, and from this it does not change.Best of all, before draw up a contract, look for the necessary information, to learn a few ready-made and contracts signed, so that nothing is forgotten and not to miss.Do not forget that this is a very important document that is legally binding.If you are not confident in their abilities, it is best to devote this case an experienced professional who knows what is the matter.

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