How to make a supplementary agreement ?

How to make a supplementary agreement ?

term of the contract sometimes reach 10-15 years.If the partners are satisfied with each other, if one of the institutions of the state and its services are unique, the economic relations between them will last a very long time.But over time, there are circumstances that require changes to some or all of one item.It is clear that it is not necessary to renew because of this contract, to involve the whole staff, you just have to know how to draw up a supplementary agreement.

cap agreement

The cap should be clearly set out details of the main contract.On top of writing in large letters the name of the document "The additional agreement to the contract number ____ (specify all numbers, fractions, letters, as written in the contract) from (day, month, year)."

then on the next line on the left write the city, where the transaction, the date of the right to enter into an additional agreement.At this writing the hat is finished, proceed to the "body" of the agreement.

main part of the agreement

The main part of the agreement, we have to specify which items of the contract will affect change.Written old version item, then new.For example, since.

Party of "Flight" and SP Sevryugin agreed to amend the agreement № ___ (once all contract data).On January 1, 2013, paragraph 14, "Payment for 1 kg of flour is 14 rubles 30 kopecks, minimum party supplies 2 tons" should read as follows: "Payment for 1 kg of flour is 25 rubles 00 kopecks, minimum quantity of 5 tonnes, delivery owntransport. "Changes adopted by mutual agreement of one (1) year.

This example included the highlights and shows how to create an additional agreement to the contract.It deals with the supply of products, but in the contract any object can be changed.If several changes, all items that have been adjusted, set out in a similar manner at a time.Generally, such points from one to three same agreement.

Supplementary agreements may be taken as often as desired.If you buy on a regular basis, contact materials, and it is available at different prices, depending on the fluctuations in the euro, the delivery is made to each separate supplementary agreement with one point - with an indication of the new price.

Completion supplementary agreement

Once you have outlined the main part, it is necessary to prescribe the details of the parties in the same way as is done in the main contract, as detailed and complete.At the end of the stamp and signatures of the first persons of companies that have entered into this agreement.Only in this case the supplementary agreement comes into force.Each party holds at one copy in the same folder as the host contract.After you once write this document.You do not have a question, write an additional agreement.