How to make an offer ?

How to make an offer ?

Offer - is the same price list, but the purpose of it is somewhat different, it should inform customers about products and services and encourage them to use the service or buy a product.When you create a business proposal is the main component of its content, but also, no less important, method of informing the customer.If you do not follow the rules of a unique selling proposition, it will not help any technique and technology.The uniqueness of the proposal is very important, it brings a competitive advantage for the customer, he will not be able to get the competition.Promotional text of the proposal is necessary to focus on a particular subject.Most often, the subject of the offer is a commodity.

What is it

client, not knowing about the product, its

features and other characteristics, does not pay attention to brand and price.To start, you need an understanding of "who" or "what" is the subject of the proposal and what specific needs it can satisfy.Without information about the product, its price, the client firm-manufacturer generally they are not interested.How to make an offer, an example:

In order to please you, we have created "Ret".To cheer us, give your opinion about the "Ret".Here the emphasis is on the mark.And this is also a great way, how to make an offer.Indeed, often, when searching for goods, we are looking for a specific brand, we trust, the quality of which we are quite satisfied.

can create offers targeted to manufacturers.This factor is very important to many customers.This offer of the company requires strong links: Company - range, firm - a service company - commodity.

There are offers, which are guided by the price of the goods.Advertising discount cards, discounts, benefits and so on - always irresistible weapon in the struggle for potential customers.

is important to understand and how to make an offer, but do not always guarantee success and efficiency.It is also important to put in an offer personalization.Among the means of direct - offers the most personalized letter.Inferior to the letter only talking on the phone or personal conversation.

basis of personalization of the offer of quality customer database, which is constantly updated, update, and take into account all personal customer information.Referring to personally identifiable information in a standard promotional offers, you turn it into a simple chat with a familiar person, such a proposal is difficult to answer.

Mutual personalization

Offer must be mutual personalization.That is, in the advertising appeal must be signed by a real person, to which the recipient will be able to apply for communication on the matter.Handle faceless to a specific person can not, especially if that person is making a decision.It is important to take into account the higher status of the recipient, the higher should be the status of the sender.If you have a subject of a commercial offer and secured personalization, you should think about increasing the effectiveness of the proposal with the help of stylistic devices.

How to write a good offer?It is important when writing a business proposal to take into account features of spoken language of the target audience.For example, for the recipients, professionally connected with the economy will approach the proposal with the words in the text: "privatization", "Marketing", "budget".you can turn to the words of technical experts: "GB", "processor", "speed".But, at the same time, it is not necessary to overload the text cumbersome terminology.The reader should not experience stress, representing what is said in the proposal.Do not use convoluted language.All proposals must be concise and clear, all the basic ideas are better placed in the beginning of the sentence.It is better to use concrete facts rather than general phrases.

Short text would be appropriate to decorate the emotional impact, with the addition of a short "shock witty."It is a word often help to draw up a portfolio.The large text, you can make a rational motives or logical reasoning, to compare the costs and benefits and so on.But it is worth remembering that the decision to read or not to read advertising copy is received in the first two seconds.Therefore, this time should be enough to interest the reader and make him read the entire ad text.Most high results achieve advertising messages, which are built in defiance of the laws of logic, but cause an emotional reaction, for example: "Send us only one dollar and all the hemorrhoids we will take, or you can leave yourself, and the dollar, and hemorrhoids."Ready-made offer can be checked in several ways to determine what impact it will have on the recipient.

Checking for surface viewing

Before sending the text, you need to see how you have made an offer.Look at the text, stopping her taking pictures just released snippets of text that is in the bolding, titles, subtitles, captions under the photos.Doing this, you realize that is offered in the ad text?whether the customer can immediately see the benefits that may derive from this proposal?

Check for clarity

Find a person belonging to the target audience, which was composed in the offer.Let him read it once, and tell how clearly set out important aspects: the conditions, meaning and benefits.Will he be able to distinguish your product from competitors' products?

Check fingers

Try to eliminate words that describe your company and the quality of the goods in excellent shape.Removing these phrases, if your ad text will be interesting and exciting?Praise phrase it's better to come from your customers and will be supported by statistical tabs.

Working with a commercial offer, should take care of its preparation, the preparation and administration.It is important to stay abreast of what's going on with this advertising letter to the company - recipient.It is necessary to monitor the stages of the passage of this proposal in the company - the customer.For example, "customer focused on your proposal", "the customer is considering proposals and other firms", "under study."Following the offer, you will be able to completely control the sales as a whole and help to increase its volume.Now you know how to make an offer, and knowing all the nuances and details, you can make a great promotional offer.