How to make an appeal ?

How to make an appeal ?

In some cases, people have to write a letter of appeal to different institutions.But they often remain unanswered.Most of all, because the document was simply incorrectly compiled, and the addressee does not understand what was wanted of him.The following describes how to make an appeal, and talked about his views.

Types of letters of complaints

There are several types of applications that have their own structure.You will only need to take it as a basis and to write what you are interested in.Consider these variations in more detail:

  • proposal is a request for a particular character, which is aimed at improving the activities of an organization.
  • Statement - kind of treatment aimed at the realization of your rights.
  • appeal - an appeal to restore the legitimate rights and interests violated by actions (inaction) and decisions of officials or employees of a particular organization.As a rule, the higher a person is written.
  • petition - a written request from a particular request for recognition
    of a certain status, guarantees or benefits.Usually applied to this letter supporting documents that must be made by a specially established form.This variety often write to the state authorities.Learn how to properly compose a letter to the prosecutor, in our article How to write to the prosecutor.
  • collective appeal is a written request of two or more people.It is necessary to describe the problem and name the specific facts that prompted you to write it.
  • petition is a kind of collective requests for permission to this or that problem.

How to make an appeal

Any letter of appeal can be written using the same template.It has several sections, which are discussed below:

  • first need to specify the position and name of the recipient, then you can write an appeal to the top of the letter.Post it should with the word "Dear".Then it goes all the name and surname of the addressee.Treatment must be placed exactly in the middle.
  • By letter of appeal it is necessary to write a preamble, stating clearly the reasons for it and the purpose of drawing up his letter.The target of it is to understand the basic essence of the letter.
  • Fill the main text of the letter, which should consist of 2-4 paragraphs, in which you will want to express my concern about the problems described in the preamble.In this part, you can write the way you see the solution to this problem.
  • Conclusion.In this part of the need to formulate the results of his letter of appeal.Put your signature, write the position and name.Prior to this, write the phrase "Regards" or "Sincerely."
  • postscript, or postscript.This section informs the recipient of a significant event in the life of the organization of the letter writer.

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