How to make an inventory ?

How to make an inventory ?

Inventory can be for various reasons: for making a list of things that are passed for temporary storage, with the rental of premises, seizure of property, which was confiscated from its owner, etc. But be prepared it should..correctly and competently.So you protect yourself from unnecessary material costs.Inventories may be subject to movable and immovable property.Now we will tell you how to make an inventory of, and what you should pay attention in its design.

list of documents is a key reference for the archives of state and departmental archives.It also represents the basis for the creation of certain directories.archive element is called the storage unit.In compiling the inventory records all storage units using serial numbers, calculated their total number.It is composed structured (in large organizations) or chronology.

In carrying out this procedure, also take into account the level of importance of the case.Headlines inventory and name on the front cover must match.The list of documents

agreed with the Commission and approved by the head of the organization.

Purpose archival inventory of documents to these documents, if necessary, could quickly find.This kind of list up only after the registration of all documents in the case with an indication of the page where they are.This procedure is mandatory subject to investigation and litigation, contracts of employment and personal affairs.

Making inventory

Next we will talk about how to make an inventory of the documents.The main parts of the documents are descriptive list of articles, summary records, sheet-witness and a reference unit.

  • The reference system consists of a title page with table of contents, preface and list of abbreviations.The title page should contain information about the name of the organization, the ownership documents and the date of the inventory, the inventory number.The table of contents lists the names of the inventory sections.In the preface briefly stated history of the organization, are listed types of documents, as well as the procedure for ordering of affairs.
  • Descriptive articles are required to disclose the content of the documents.This is the main part of the inventory.
  • number of cases, are fixed features of their account is secured in the final recording.Also in the inventory should include a list of abbreviations, which are written all the abbreviated words and concepts and their full identification.

seizure of property

When you make the deposit of things, pay attention to the compiled list of items.After all, you are a financially responsible person to the owner sent to you for storage of things.In case of disputes, providing the court agreed with the customer list, you will prove his innocence.

When, on the contrary, you are taking things carefully read the document is drawn up.Sign it only if the full description of the items.Before you make an inventory of personal property that has no inventory number, zagotovte adhesive tape or chalk.Please flag They are things that are already included in the inventory list.In this case, you will spend this procedure quickly and do not forget anything.

rent housing to rent

If you decide to rent an apartment or house for rent, you will need to know how to make an inventory of the property, so as not to raise any issues with the return of the premises.In this case it is necessary to fix the passport data on both sides, the transfer of property located in the apartment, working hours.If there are defects of the object, be sure to point them in the document.

Accounting confiscated

inventory of confiscated items should be certified by the signatures of two witnesses.Their role can perform any able-bodied people other than the court and police officers.