How to Plan for the year ?

How to Plan for the year ?

It seems only recently celebrated the New Year, and has been a long time.You can not help but notice how fly another year of your life.To avoid this, it is worth considering whether all happens as you would like.If something in your life is not happy, I want to change the course of events and, therefore, need to start planning it.

Decide for yourself how to plan for the year, how do you see it, that it was going to do, how to change the course of his life.To this must be approached seriously, to feel responsible for their actions and their results.After all, how do you plan your year will depend on the way in which it will be for you, what good will than be remembered.

Preparation Planning

Start with the fact that the share plan of cases a year in the sectors in which you are manifesting themselves.The first sector should be you, your personal life.In the second sector includes your family, kinship, close.The third can be attributed to work.Fourth - friends and chat.In the fifth sector, pay att

ention to your home.Then think over whether you want to make a plan for 1 year, or you have any ideas on a more long-term planning.

set a date, you must learn a very important item on the planning: it should be stated, let it be a paper copy, even a modern computer, but it should be somewhere fixed with a precise description and indication of deadlines and ways to implement point plan.If you are ready to start planning, you do it now, not shelving them.

planning their affairs for a year

Open the first sector, which relates to your personality, and write down everything that you want to do for myself this year.In your plans may include work on self-improvement, visit the courses, seminars, webinars, learning of foreign languages.This may also include plans to improve their health and lifestyle.You can plan your exercise and access to the gym, jogging in the morning and cycling or rollerblading.

planning their business in the second sector, do not forget to think about whether all you're happy in the relationship in the family, children and friends.What exactly can you do to improve it, make it more warm, joy and satisfaction.

drawing up a list of cases with respect to their work, make a note of the ones that allow you to climb higher up the career ladder, to achieve recognition and respect of colleagues.You can also plan your steps to change their place of work, if that's where you are right now, it does not give you adequate satisfaction.It would be wise to bring in a plan of action to improve their skills or gain new knowledge in the area that you are attracted to.

Turning to the planning situation in the sector of friends, do not forget to recall the memorable events, meetings, common activities, which are you more likely to remember what you want to repeat, and that - pass by.Plan interesting meetings, visits, visiting those who are interested in you, but you keep putting off the meeting because of employment.

very important sector in the planning of cases a year will be their homes, what would you like to change it, so that pay special attention to that repaired and what to throw away, instead of buying new.

If you understand how to plan affairs for the coming year, it is time to begin to run.


plans Remember that in order to get results, you need to act.So if you have recorded your plans for the year and want them to be fulfilled, for it!Nobody, except yourself, your plans does not realize, your life will not change, happier and more successful you will do.Put a notebook or notepad with plans to prominence and constantly check their progress.And most importantly - to take steps to meet its planned results, albeit small, but it is in any case to move forward!