Megaphone : how to connect the promised payment ?

Megaphone : how to connect the promised payment ?

regular replenishment of mobile accounts for many citizens has become a habit, along with payment of utilities, as cellular communications today are almost all.But occasionally there are situations when users forget the daily race to fund your account, losing an important means of communication with the emergence of a negative balance.In order not to deprive of their mobile customers, mobile operators have come up with for their service, having different names but perform one task: to provide a temporary loan.Megafon has called this service "Promised payment" - it allows you to use a certain amount of credit, if you are not able at this time to update your account.Of course, later you will have to reimburse the money and pay a small fee.For information on how to connect the promised payment into a megaphone, read below.

Lending by Megafon

So, if a zero balance, and there are no nearby boxes, and other options recharge, use one of the following methods:

  1. You can call the short number 0006 from
    your mobile phone and connect the service.How to do it - you tell the voice informant, telling you which button to press to perform a step;
  2. If you do not want to wait for the telephone operator will speak all operations, then start typing the code: * 106 # call button.In the menu that you can connect the "Promised payment" service, making it a one-time or permanent, as well as read the conditions for granting financial assistance;
  3. service can also enjoy sending SMS to short number 0006 with the contents: "100" or "300" (without the quotes) - a figure means the amount you want to top up your account;
  4. If the hand is the Internet, use the service guide from Megafon, which will help you to activate the service.

services in the Moscow region, the Commission is currently 5 rubles and 10 rubles (d according to the amount of the payment).If you have any difficulties with the order of the service, ask any employee separation Megafon, how to connect the promised payment - you will have a customer support.If you there is a regular need for obtaining a loan, read also the article How to take confidence payment to Megafon.