Megaphone : how to connect the black list ?

Megaphone : how to connect the black list ?

"blacklist" - this is an opportunity to protect themselves from calls and SMS-messages from unwanted numbers.If before "Black List" can be established only if the phone model supports certain options, now this service is happily provided by all mobile operators.This article will explain how to connect the "Black List" of the Megaphone.

Connection To connect the option "Black list" user can use one of two ways:

  • send USSD-request * 130 #;
  • send an empty SMS to the short number 5130.

Of course, the client can also connect option by entering "My Account" or by contacting the operator's support.

USSD-command to disable the option - * 130 * 4 #.You can also send an SMS with the text "off" or "off" to the number 5130.


Manage option "Black List" can be by means of "Service Guide", as well as with the help of USSD-commands and SMS-messages.When operating option via the "Service Guide", you can set an alert for a number of unwanted contacts list - "Rejected", "Hidden" or "wrong numbe


team to add numbers to the "black list" - * 130 * phone number # (phone number in international format - 7920XXXXXXX).You can also send an SMS to the number in the format "+ 7920XXXXXXX" to the number 5130.

If you want to delete the number from the black list, just send a USSD-command * 130 * phone number # again or send an SMS to the number in the format "-7920XXXXXXX"to the number 5130.

at any time, the subscriber can view the number of unwanted list with the help of USSD-request * 130 * 3 #.


option Connection "Black List" for free, the monthly fee - 1 ruble every day regardless of the number of rooms in the list.


options If your room, which is connected to the option "Black list", activate the "Forwarding", calls from unwanted numbers from the list will be sent to the forwarding number.

For more information on how to "violence" with pesky caller read the article How to lock the phone.

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