As an estimate ?

As an estimate ?

any construction budget is based on three components: design, construction standards and deadlines.In turn, the project includes the construction of estimates, which set out the work necessary for the construction and materials, as well as prices.It is important to know how to draw up an estimate, and here's why.It is in the budget can be found interesting information on the cost of certain types of works and construction as a whole, making it the main financial document.Drinking this kind of documents is very meticulous and even nagging.

How to create a construction estimate?

Construction - the most difficult of all types of budgets.It includes many items of expenditure items and components.Therefore chosen as an example for consideration.Typical construction estimates include:

  1. Determining costs.It is necessary to indicate the direction of the construction in order to schedule an appointment for future expenses in accordance with the construction project.
  2. determination of the amount expensed
    costs.Having planned expenditure in the first paragraph, it should calculate the amount of money that should be allocated for planned activities.In other words, to calculate what it will cost the implementation of the tasks of the first paragraph.
  3. Remuneration.The most difficult and the volume level cost estimates, which, as practice shows, in the construction process are always adjusted in a big way.Applications are mainly two types of payment:
    • piecework - payment is made in stages for the specific work performed;
    • hourly - payment is made according to the time worked.
  4. materials costs largely determine how to make the estimate.It takes not only the selection of the right materials, but also the determination of their amount.Almost never fails to accurately set the required volume of building materials.It is connected with the violation of the rules of use during construction, and the quality of procured materials, and with the eternal requirement to do a project, but that was like that. "
  5. estimates Adjustment. This we refer fix identified prior to construction defects. If nowhereconsidered overhead, then they, too, can find a place.

As an estimate for the construction of

costs Each contractor has its own approach to the preparation of cost estimates. The main thing is that it has been approved by the customer. The document on the construction of the house, you can include the following items of expenditure:.

  1. site Search for development This includes related costs: fuel, subsistence, working hours and other
  2. cost of site acquisition plus the costs incurred in the execution of the documentation (if caused by the parties)
  3. cost of electrification of
  4. ....
  5. cost gasification section.
  6. Water.This may be a connection to the existing water supply system or the provision of autonomous water supply.
  7. Construction of the sewer system.
  8. House project: the costs of design and architectural services organizations designer.
  9. Building a house: the demolition of the old building (if any), excavation and construction work.
  10. Finish: both internal and external.
  11. communication within the building (wiring, water, sewage, heating, plumbing).

As an estimate for the repair of the apartment?

For those with sufficient care to read the first chapter, an estimate does not present much difficulty.The main requirement: Internet access, a calculator and a desire.The Internet is (otherwise the article would not be reading), at least have a calculator on a mobile phone, but the desire - depends on you.Carefully make a list of tasks that will be put before the builders.For each type of work on the Internet and find a list of rules of consumption of construction materials.For example, per m2 plasterboard ceiling must be:

  • drywall - 1m2,
  • profile CD - 2,9 lm,
  • the UD profile - around the room,
  • extender profiles - 0,2sht,
  • connector.profiles (crab) 1,7sht,
  • hanger with clip -.. 0,7sht,
  • thrust -0,7sht suspension.and so on.

Learn the prices of materials in the store where you plan to buy it all.Multiplying the flow rate on the amount of work and the price, you can find out the cost for each building material.The sum of the results gives a general picture of the cost of building materials.

Construction crews have varying pricing approach for the work performed.But in general, the cost of the work can be equated to the cost of materials.Although each region is necessary to make a correction: the cost of work in Moscow and Bryansk will differ significantly.The sum of the cost of works and materials determine the direct costs.Now add 10-15% for overhead and unforeseen costs and obtain the sum of the upcoming repairs.

make a couple of other examples, you will learn how to make estimates and will be able to assist friends and acquaintances.